The first AI-based smart cyber-physical system for precise farming

Researchers have created the first AI-based smart cyber-physical system for precise farming which creates digital twins of plants to provide decision making support.

In consortium with the AI-Company, scientists from Samara State Technical University, Russia, have developed an AI-based smart cyber-physical system for precise farming. This system has a digital knowledgebase on crop cultivation which contains the specification of crop classifications, phases of plant growth and other key information for the farmers.

Samara State Technical University actively participates in the State Armament Program, in solving strategic problems of the region and implementing significant projects of federal significance.

The AI-based smart cyber-physical system applies multi-agent technology for the design of digital twins for plants which provides decision making support, including adaptive resource allocation, scheduling, optimisation and controlling. The system helps farmers select sorts and technology, develop crop rotation plan, monitor fields and adapt resource plans for precise machines in case of unpredictable events.

“Precise machines to keep plants secure in wheat production”

“AI helps to monitor the plants growth via satellites and drones detecting possible problems and adaptively allocates and schedules resources available including equipment and workers, fertilisers and pesticides, visualising plans and key indicators in real time” explains project leader, doctor of Technical Science, Head of Electronic Systems Department, Petr Skobelev.

Skobelev continued: “Our plan for this year is to provide accuracy of 2.5 cm for precise machines to keep plants secure in wheat production”. This project is supported by Smart Solutions, one of most innovative Russian high-tech AI company, spin-off of University.

The AI-based smart cyber-physical system was originally designed for growing wheat, researchers have now highlighted their plans to modify the system and expand the range of agricultural species it can manage. National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST), one of the largest Universities in South-East Asia, have expressed their interest in the product.

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