Arnhem implements new IoT solution to energy management

Arnhem, Netherlands, has adopted OpenRemote’s open-source IoT solution to develop an intelligent energy management system.

This new energy management platform will allow city officials to automate and oversee a distributed energy system combining solar and wind power installations, electric fleet chargers, cold ironing for ships, and battery storage, through a powerful desktop and mobile application.

The mobile application, built on OpenRemote’s open-source IoT platform, will enable Arnhem’s energy managers to evaluate the performance of all system components, at any time or place. Pierre Kil, CEO of OpenRemote, said: “Thanks to our flexible IoT Solution, diverse data sources using distinct communication protocols can be interconnected into a single integrated platform.

“That means that all the units that compose Kleefsewaard’s distributed energy system can now come seamlessly together in a centralised energy management system. Thanks to advanced IoT capabilities, relevant weather data has been added to predict energy generation, while feedback from the application’s optimisation routine is translated into charging and discharging commands and requested power setpoints, making the whole system more effective and easier to manage.”

The application will facilitate the supervision of the energy system, allowing users to monitor financial and carbon savings through a set of performance indicators. A section within the app will display key system parameters such as such local energy, self-consumption, or saved costs. Users will also automatically be alerted by the app in the case of abnormal system behaviour and receive an analysis of the potential root cause.

Peter Swart, senior policy advisor for the city of Arnhem, said: “We are currently developing our own customised solution with the active support of the OpenRemote team. The end result will be a smart energy management system that is tailored to our specific optimisation and reporting needs and hosted in our own secure environment. It will become a key tool to facilitate and improve the work of both our energy managers and maintenance personnel.”

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