CardLab’s new smart card technology to be six times more efficient

Drayson Technologies have extended technology licence with CardLab in order to provide the latest third generation Freevolt energy harvesting technology to power smart cards.

Drayson technologies have announced that CardLab has extended its licence to cover the latest third-generation of Freevolt energy harvesting technology to integrate into CardLab’s powered biometric smart card solutions. From debit cards to e-Passports, the third generation Freevolt energy harvesting technology enabled smart cards have applications in a wide range of areas.

Frank Sandeløv, CEO, CardLab, said: “Upon signing the first licence agreement with Freevolt back in 2018 it has been a thrilling year working together with the Freevolt team to have the first generation energy harvesting optimised to contactless card solutions and at the same time provide input to Freevolt on their effort to enhance their energy harvesting technology.

“We are happy to see the result of the Freevolt efforts where we now have a circuit that is much easier to integrate and more widely adoptable due to the reduced footprint. CardLab has already started to integrate the solution in more customer card designs and definitely with a lot more to come.”

Freevolt’s third generation is 75% smaller than their first generation

Freevolt smart card harvesting solutions continue to outperform all other solutions on the market through their award-winning patented technology and expertise in wireless energy harvesting.

Freevolt’s third generation is 75% smaller than their first generation, provides up to six times more power than the next-best non-Freevolt harvesting solution, uses standard mass-manufacturing techniques and components, is compliant with the size and thickness requirements for existing smart and credit card standards, and works with all existing contactless card readers.

Gonzalo de Gisbert, Head of Product, Drayson Technologies, said: “Following our licence agreement with CardLab in 2018, the Freevolt team have continued to evolve the technology, improving performance while reducing the circuit’s footprint by 75%. With our new baseline designs, we offer pre-configured circuit layouts which can be dropped into customers’ solutions immediately.

“If customers want to customise and tailor, we can optimise for their requirements. Our continued partnership with CardLab is a testament to the proven benefits that the Freevolt advanced technology provides, and our Gen3 system makes integration into card solutions easier than ever.”

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