Building a stronger and more competitive Digital Europe

CEO of EIT Digital, Willem Jonker, spoke to Innovation News Network’s Georgina Ryan about the European Commission’s latest legislative proposals: The Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act

Why smart tickets are the smart way to travel

As smart tickets are increasingly being used by travellers across Europe the Smart Ticketing Alliance is working to ensure co-operation between the various schemes across the continent

European Commission supports political agreement on €7.5bn Digital Europe Programme

The European Commission has embraced the political agreement on the first EU programme that aims to accelerate the Digital Europe Programme.

How quantum computing can influence global cybersecurity

Arrow Kimpel discusses how quantum computing can influence cybersecurity and how this futuristic technology can influence various industries.

Innovation in recirculating aquaculture systems and water quality management systems

Trond Vegger, CEO of Noras Watertech, outlines his company’s innovations in recirculating aquaculture systems, its water quality management system, its improved aquaponic solution, and the benefits they bring

Smart Cambridge – transforming the city with smart mobility

Dan Clarke, Strategy & Partnerships Manager for Smart Cambridge, discusses the Smart Cambridge programme, and how to improve the quality of life, sustainability, and economic strength of the city with smart mobility solutions

Establishing a competitive and sovereign digital Europe

EIT Digital welcomes the European Commission’s latest digital initiatives, saying it is the next step in creating a innovative and competitive digital Europe. 

AI-powered production planners in salmon farming

Combining AI, machine learning and mathematical optimisation to drive the transition from experience-driven to knowledge-driven salmon farming

Metamaterials and Omniconnectivity development: a turning point in electronics

The NanoEngineering Network explains how Smart Metasurface Technology (a class of metamaterials) and the related concept of ‘omniconnectivity’ has the potential to boost Europe’s competitiveness in the field of electronics

My T-cell: a new smartphone application that protects patients and guides healthcare professionals

Professor Marion Subklewe outlines ‘My T cell’: a smartphone application for the management of CAR T-cell and BiTE related toxicities

EIT Digital – focusing on the future of Artificial Intelligence

EIT Digital CEO, Willem Jonker, spoke to Clifford Holt, International Editor at The Innovation Platform, about the issues of digital sovereignty and Artificial Intelligence, both of which have been covered by the organisation’s recently-published policy reports. EIT Digital aims at...

PeasyPay: the European solution for biometric payments by EIT Digital

A new system developed by EIT Digital start-up PeasyPay is allowing people to pay by just showing their faces and taking a picture of the palm of their hands. PeasyPay’s new solution for biometric payments means that European customers will...

EIT Digital: Celebrating ten years of building a strong digital Europe

Ahead of EIT Digital’s ten-year anniversary, Innovation News Network’s international editor, Clifford Holt, speaks with the organisation’s CEO, Willem Jonker, about how they are helping to build a ‘strong digital Europe’. EIT Digital delivers breakthrough digital technology to European markets...

New bolometer to further the application for quantum computers

A team of researchers has created a new bolometer for measuring energy quanta at an unprecedented resolution, potentially bringing quantum computing out of the laboratory and into real-world applications. The project, led by Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre...

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