Robotic computer algorithm to revolutionise task delegation

A research team from the University of Carnegie Mellon (CM) have developed a robotic computer algorithm to simplify the task delegation process. How typical is...

Perovskite nanocrystals revolutionise photodetector technology

A research team from the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) has developed optical fibres with perovskite nanocrystals, which has revealed groundbreaking...

Improving the ageing of next-generation wireless communications

Researchers deploy RIS technology in a wireless communication system to analyse the effects of channel ageing in next-generation wireless communications. In wireless communications, channels can...

Creating efficient and high-speed spintronic devices

A research team has successfully created efficient and high-speed spintronic devices to look at spin dynamics inside rare earth materials, using a tabletop ultrafast...

The European struggle with COVID-19 contact tracing apps continues

Willem Jonker, CEO of EIT Digital, spoke to Innovation News Network’s Georgina Ryan about digital transformation during the pandemic, Europe’s struggle with COVID-19 contact tracing apps and adopting physical tokens as a simple and secure alternative to current tracing methods.

Optical computing: multiplying light signals could help solve complex computational problems

A new type of optical computing could lead to ultra-fast computers that solve highly complex computational problems by multiplying light signals.

New original blockchain technology helps traders make use of surplus renewable electricity

Researchers has collaborated with Mitsubishi, to optimise the P2P trading of surplus renewable electricity.

Building a stronger and more competitive Digital Europe

CEO of EIT Digital, Willem Jonker, spoke to Innovation News Network’s Georgina Ryan about the European Commission’s latest legislative proposals: The Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act

Why smart tickets are the smart way to travel

As smart tickets are increasingly being used by travellers across Europe the Smart Ticketing Alliance is working to ensure co-operation between the various schemes across the continent

European Commission supports political agreement on €7.5bn Digital Europe Programme

The European Commission has embraced the political agreement on the first EU programme that aims to accelerate the Digital Europe Programme.

Innovation in recirculating aquaculture systems and water quality management systems

Trond Vegger, CEO of Noras Watertech, outlines his company’s innovations in recirculating aquaculture systems, its water quality management system, its improved aquaponic solution, and the benefits they bring

Smart Cambridge – transforming the city with smart mobility

Dan Clarke, Strategy & Partnerships Manager for Smart Cambridge, discusses the Smart Cambridge programme, and how to improve the quality of life, sustainability, and economic strength of the city with smart mobility solutions

Establishing a competitive and sovereign digital Europe

EIT Digital welcomes the European Commission’s latest digital initiatives, saying it is the next step in creating a innovative and competitive digital Europe. 

AI-powered production planners in salmon farming

Combining AI, machine learning and mathematical optimisation to drive the transition from experience-driven to knowledge-driven salmon farming

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