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Innovative methods to recover energy from batteries

Researchers from NCKU have developed a new approach to recover energy from used batteries in an effort to promote a circular economy.

Topsoe: Powering the energy transition with next generation LNMO-cathodes

Topsoe's next generation of LNMO-cathode active material can revolutionise battery development and fuel net zero ambitions.

A domestic raw material supply chain is essential for Europe’s battery ambitions

Ilka von Dalwigk, Policy Manager at EIT InnoEnergy, emphasises the importance of developing a domestic battery raw materials supply chain in Europe. Europe can proudly...

Hydrogen-powered vehicles: Fuelling the drive for zero carbon emissions

Steve Gill, CEO of First Hydrogen Automotive., explains more about the company’s plans to develop hydrogen-powered vehicles for the light commercial market. Based in Vancouver,...

ČEZ and Czech MIT make a significant step toward Czech Gigafactory

ČEZ group and the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) have achieved a major development in constructing a Czech Gigafactory.

Vianode up-scale battery materials production with new facility

Pioneers of sustainable battery materials production, Vianode, have obtained a building lease that will enable them to upscale production.

The BATT4EU Partnership: powering a greener future

The launch of the BATT4EU co-programmed Partnership marks a significant milestone in Europe’s path toward a greener future.

The renewable energy transition’s impact on our power supply

The effects of the renewable energy transition on power grid operators, and the ability to prevent bottlenecks in supply is outlined by Marianne Tamborini, Marketing Director at depsys

Lithium Power International – the electric future is here now

Lithium Power International Ltd.’s Andrew Phillips discusses how the company is meeting the future electric vehicle lithium demand.

Answering three questions that define the future of hydrogen

Jon Slowe, Director at Delta-EE, discusses the potential role that hydrogen can play in the future energy system.

KOREPlex: The first US-owned lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility

Energy storage experts KORE Power has announced their plans to construct the first US-owned lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility.

Using calorimeters to develop more efficient battery packs

Dr Carlos Ziebert, head of IAM-AWP’s Calorimeter Center, KIT, explains how calorimeters can help to develop safer, more efficient battery packs in the Horizon 2020 project HELIOS.

Renault Group announces ZERO CARBON LITHIUM™ partnership

Renault Group has announced its partnership with Vulcan Energy’s ZERO CARBON LITHIUM™ project, a major step in electric vehicle production.

Building next-generation batteries for electric vehicles

£10m funding has been announced for 17 projects to develop next-generation batteries for electric vehicles, making them safer, cheaper, faster-charging and more recyclable.

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New testing facility to accelerate advanced nuclear technologies

The University of Pittsburgh is developing a pool-type materials testing facility to accelerate advanced nuclear technologies. In order to facilitate advanced nuclear technologies, stable materials...

Exploring the potential of advanced nuclear system coolants

Professor Mark Anderson from the University of Wisconsin-Madison discusses some of the interesting experimental science questions associated with advanced nuclear system coolants and how...

Accident tolerant fuel: Ensuring safe, sustainable and reliable nuclear power plants

Professor Brent Heuser discusses the development of accident tolerant nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants in the aftermath of the Fukushima Daiichi accident. Global climate...

Corrosion damage modelling of dry storage containers for spent nuclear fuel

Robert G Kelly, AT&T Professor of Engineering at the University of Virginia, explains why we must understand when significant corrosion damage can occur to...

Molten salt reactors: An old technology made new

A nuclear technology, molten salt reactors (MSRs), once considered to power aircraft during the Cold War, is now on the cusp of lighting our...

Developing advanced nuclear reactors using ion irradiation to accelerate neutron damage

Researchers at the University of Michigan are utilising ion irradiation to accelerate neutron damage, thus paving the way for the development of advanced nuclear...