Modernising US hydropower facilities with $630m funding boost

The Biden Administration has announced funding worth $630m to modernise the United States’ hydropower facilities. This week, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has released...

Assessing the role of nuclear power in the clean energy transition

The International Energy Agency has recently released a report evaluating the position of nuclear power in the clean energy transition. Nuclear power is rapidly gaining...

Restoring a legacy: Regenerating graphite production in Sri Lanka

Graphite exploration and development company Ceylon Graphite is working to rapidly increase graphite production in Sri Lanka and resecure the country’s place in the...

Enabling fast charging lithium-ion batteries through 3D printing

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is developing a 3D printing method that facilitates high-energy-density and fast charging lithium-ion batteries. The next generation lithium-ion batteries require greater...

Advancements made in calcium batteries thanks to new material

Scientists from Tohoku University are optimistic that they have made a breakthrough in creating rechargeable calcium batteries by utilising a new material.

UK Atomic Energy Authority launches new fusion energy collaboration

A new partnership between The University of Manchester and UKAEA will accelerate the country’s development of fusion energy.

NUDGE project releases new survey on energy consumption and consumer behaviour

NUDGE, a project funded by the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, is conducting an Energy Transition survey to understand how we consume and save energy at home.

Scientists design ‘smart’ device to harvest daylight

A team of scientists from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore has created a device to harvest daylight and relay it to underground areas.

Progress towards fast charging lithium-ion batteries

New research conducted by a University of Utah engineering professor could lead to fast charging lithium-ion batteries, which could be used to improve the charging time of electric vehicles. Currently, one challenge of electric vehicles is the time they take...

Agile production system for flexible battery cell manufacturing

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology is developing an agile production system for flexible battery cell manufacturing. This will mean battery cells can be adapted individually to fit various requirements.

Vanadium: a key component in the clean energy future

Australia’s only vanadium production facility is poised to be a strategic partner for the long-term clean energy storage market. As governments around the world set ambitious targets for carbon emission reductions in the coming decades, attention is starting to focus...

Research breakthrough in “massless” energy storage with structural battery

Researchers from Chalmers University of Technology have made a significant breakthrough in “massless” energy storage with a structural battery that performs ten times better than all previous versions.

Enhancing energy storage in batteries paves the way for electric vehicles

A group, led by the University of Bath, has reached a significant landmark towards enhancing energy storage in lithium-ion batteries, and increasing electric vehicle range in the future.

Renewable hydrogen and Europe’s green future

Kitti Nyitrai, a member of the European Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson’s Cabinet, discusses the future of renewable hydrogen, from policy frameworks to R&D, and its key role in Europe's green future.

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