Advancing CO2 conversion projects for the green economy

Discover how EIRES researchers are advancing CO2 conversion projects and using it to build important chemical compounds.

All the latest updates on American Lithium Minerals’ lithium projects

Discover the latest updates on American Lithium Minerals' lithium projects located across Nevada in the US.

Can studying bone microstructure solve the fossilisation mystery?

Discover how fossil bone microstructure research can help uncover a deeper understanding of human bone biology.

The critical role of helium in the automotive industry

Find out how Pulsar is using its helium assets to contribute to the important green energy transition through electric vehicle manufacturing.

Shaping the future: computational exploration and design of functional compounds

The Luber Group at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, works on the development of forefront computational methods at the interface of chemistry, biology, physics and materials science. Highly accurate approaches derived from quantum mechanics have been the focus of their...

The Institute for Applied Materials develops a calorimetric method to measure the internal pressure of Lithium-ion cells

The Institute for Applied Materials – Applied Materials Physics at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany, is home to Europe’s largest battery calorimeter laboratory. With six Accelerating Rate Calorimeters (ARCs, Thermal Hazard Technology) of different sizes used in combination...

Agri and food: the engine for regional change

The STRING project details how the performance of regional development instruments and programmes depends on building strong agrifood innovation systems for creating and co-operation pp The brand new pan-European STRING project improves the performance of regional development instruments and programmes in...

Nanoscience at Wrocław University of Science and Technology

Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Poland, outlines its goals, activities and international collaboration in the modern fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology Wrocław University of Science and Technology (WUST) is a leading technical university of Poland. The city, the regional...

Dissecting the Universe with Professor Lucio Mayer

Professor Lucio Mayer of the University of Zurich's Center for Theoretical Astrophysics and Cosmology explains how 2016 will remain as a landmark in the history of physical sciences and galaxies. 2016 was the year in which the first direct detection of gravitational...

The University of Waterloo reconciles agriculture and water quality

Agricultural nutrient legacies delay the recovery of healthy aquatic ecosystems, according to researchers from the University of Waterloo, Canada. Agriculture is a dominant source of nutrient emissions to the environment due to the widespread use of fertilisers as well as...

Alternative aviation fuels

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield, UK, highlights recent developments in aviation fuel. Rigorous testing is required to ensure that any alternative, environmentally sustainable fuel performs as good as or better than conventional fuels under all conditions.

Quantum cryptography: privacy for citizens

The Instituto de Telecomunicações in Lisbon, Portugal, is further developing revolutionary privacy solutions based on the laws of quantum mechanics The goal of cryptography (and therefore of quantum cryptography) is to hide private information from untrusted malicious agents. While symmetric...

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Sustainable and high-quality lithium mining from Chile’s lithium triangle

Lithium Power International (LPI) is a pure-play lithium company which is commencing the development of the sustainable and high-grade...

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