Highly resonant wireless power technology: safe, efficient, and over distance

Dr Morris Kesler, Chief Technology Officer at WiTricity Corporation, discusses their highly resonant wireless power technology. The idea of transmitting power through the air has...

Petalite: revolutionising electric vehicle charging

Petalite are revolutionising electric vehicle charging to change the course of transportation infrastructure and how EVs are charged on land, sea, and air through...

CERN communicates plans to reduce their environmental footprint

With the release of their second Environment Report, CERN illustrates its concreate actions to reduce its environmental footprint by focusing on its greenhouse gas...

Wind-based electrification in a climate neutral Europe

WindEurope’s ‘Electric City’ event highlighted that wind-based electrification will account for half of the electricity produced in a climate neutral transition. WindEurope’s 2021 annual event,...

Enhancing UK offshore sustainability with Robots for a Safer World

Three Robots for a Safer World competition winners will enhance offshore sustainability by using AI to gather data, maintaining wind farms and mapping the seafloor more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Future farm technology will help meet net-zero goals

UK government’s Farming Innovation Pathways competition provides funding for future farm technology.

Towards a sustainable water future

The University of Lynchburg’s Dr Thomas Shahady argues that a sustainable water future depends on preparation now.

Groundbreaking technique boosts artificial photosynthesis

Researchers from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, have developed a technique to boost artificial photosynthesis, thus enabling greater energy generation.

Groundbreaking advances in Earth Observation technology

Margherita Bruscolini, Geospatial Scientist and Drone Pilot at RSS-Hydro, discusses advances in Earth observation technology and introduces WASDI – an interoperable platform facilitating a variety of applications, including disaster response tools.

Giving waste value: Utilising biotechnology to convert food waste

Ingmar Høgøy, CEO of Greentech Innovators, explains how the company is using biotechnology to convert food waste into single cell protein and organic fertiliser.

Research indicates satellite images can aid environmental land management

Researchers at the University of Surrey have demonstrated that satellite images can be utilised to facilitate environmental land management.

Radical action must be taken to achieve net zero emissions by 2050

Experts in the BMJ argue that radical action must quickly be taken to change unsustainable and unhealthy behaviours to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Reducing food waste with $15m grant from the National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation has awarded $15m in grants in the fight towards reducing food waste and increasing food security.

Benefits of concentrated farming over eco-friendly agriculture

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have concluded that concentrated farming that leaves room for natural habitats is more optimal than eco-friendly agriculture.

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