Mitigating e-waste with common charger for electronic devices

The European Commission has proposed a common charger for electronic devices in efforts to alleviate the growing burden of e-waste.

150 rapid electric vehicle charging hubs announced for the UK

Osprey Charging has revealed that it will be building 150 high-powered electric vehicle charging hubs all over the UK by 2025.

NextGenerationEU green bonds for a more sustainable future

The European Commission has taken considerable steps towards the issuing of €250bn of NextGenerationEU green bonds to support green projects.

Achieving sustainable rooftops by utilising novel AI-powered tool

Researchers at the National University of Singapore have established an Artificial Intelligence-powered tool to map sustainable rooftops globally.

The EcoBerries project

Europe needs sustainable and profitable value chains for organic fruit and berry products – enter the EcoBerries project. Growing consumer demand for organic food has contributed to the organic industry becoming one of the most rapidly expanding sectors of the...

Smart cities – the SMURBS project

Dr Evangelos Gerasopoulos introduces the SMURBS project, which harnesses Earth observation in the service of ‘SMart URBan Solutions for air quality, disasters and city growth’. According to the UN’s ‘World Urbanization Prospects: 2014 Revision’, in today’s increasingly global and interconnected...

Health and usage monitoring systems – from aerospace to shipping

CEO Thomas JJ Meyer describes how Machine Prognostics AS is introducing health and usage monitoring systems to the shipping industry. First developed as a result of the 1986 Chinook crash killing 44 passengers, health and usage monitoring systems are nowadays...

Automated agriculture with Sparter, the selective harvester

The automation transformation is seeing agriculture transformed. Cerescon’s Thérèse van Vinken and Ad Vermeer discuss how their selective harvesting machine, Sparter, will revolutionise asparagus harvesting for farmers across Europe. An increasing number of robots and drones are being used in...

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