Smart Cambridge – transforming the city with smart mobility

Dan Clarke, Strategy & Partnerships Manager for Smart Cambridge, discusses the Smart Cambridge programme, and how to improve the quality of life, sustainability, and economic strength of the city with smart mobility solutions

Funding mobility services during the pandemic

Anne Grünkorn, Managing Director at LogPay Mobility Services, explains how to simplify complex funding aids without losing control

Battery ready cobalt for electric vehicles

Introducing Cobalt Blue Holdings (COB) and the Broken Hill Cobalt Project (BHCP), an integrated mine/refinery that will supply battery ready cobalt for over five million electric vehicles.

Newcastle University acquires company to aid research strength in electric vehicles and transportation

Newcastle University has acquired Zero Carbon Futures, a North-East based company that offers project delivery, marketing, training and insight into low carbon vehicles and future city technologies

Make the right choice with Find Your Gap

Find Your Gap aims to improve our cities by providing the right tools for smart parking. Quality of life, efficiency and sustainability are key factors for defining and providing urban traffic in a way where a certain mix of transport...

SmartPort: research and development for the port of Rotterdam

Innovation News Network speaks to Elisabeth van Opstall, managing director of SmartPort about how the port of Rotterdam is leading the way in port technology and sustainability, identifying the key elements behind their research. The port of Rotterdam is leading...

Advanced fuel cards can cut the rising costs of running a fleet

Paul Holland of FLEETCOR explains how advanced fuel cards can benefit public sector organisations as the effects of Brexit are likely to send British fleet costs soaring. Cost saving is an obvious strategic pillar for all organisations, particularly given the...

An audit of the environmental impact of shipping

Innovation News Network explores how energy auditing of the vessels of the future is helping to optimise ship operation and reduce emissions, minimising the environmental impact of shipping. With fuel and renewable sources of energy powering ships across the world’s...

The ‘dieselgate’ legacy and solutions

Transport and Environment’s (T&E) Greg Archer gives his opinion on the ‘dieselgate’ scandal and how sustainable transport can be successfully implemented throughout Europe. The ‘dieselgate’ scandal will be a milestone in the history of the European car industry. The moment...

Electric buses and e-mobility to transform European transport

Electric buses, shared and autonomous e-mobility will disrupt the poor environmental performance of European automakers. European regulators have moved very diligently, perhaps too much so, in trying not to impose too stringent regulations which could harm the European automotive industry...

LIGNOL® by RenFuel: a sustainable transport solution from the Swedish forest

Soon you will be able to fill up with bio-gasoline and bio-diesel from the Swedish forest – thanks to LIGNOL from RenFuel. RenFuel produces lignin oil (LIGNOL) from lignin in black liquor from the pulp industry. Following conventional refining, LIGNOL...

Safely integrating drones into air traffic: soon to be a reality?

INVOLI is the missing link between sharing the sky among all air traffic and enabling the drone revolution of tomorrow. Drones have become ubiquitous in our everyday lives, with advanced capacities helping humans with aerial photography and videos, in search...

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