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The fascinating role of nanomaterials in electronics

Revolutionising the electronics industry with nanomaterials

The Graphene Flagship’s Sanna Arpiainen explains how nanomaterials will unveil a new generation of electronics, promising new functionalities and applications.

RSS-Hydro: your choice in environmental remote sensing and water risks

RSS-Hydro is a young and dynamic R&D company operating across fields in environmental remote sensing and modelling of water risks, committed to sustainability. This is...

New mechanical method enhances production of luminescent polymers

Scientists have developed a novel technique that employs mechanical force to transform existing generic polymers into luminescent polymers.

Microplastics discovered in Europe’s largest ice cap for the first time

A research team has discovered microplastics in Europe’s largest ice cap, a potential warning sign for future environmental implications.
fish farms

Enhancing biosecurity on fish farms with Liftup AS

Liftup AS explains how its innovative systems are being used to remove waste from fish farms safely and efficiently.
European Space Agenda

Thierry Breton on achieving an ambitious European Space Agenda

"With space, we are constantly testing the limit of the technological frontier for the benefit of mankind" - European Commissioner for Internal Market, Thierry...
Threat detection technology

US Senator calls for better threat detection technologies

Global security threats are at an all time high, but how can governments know who to trust in creating digital threat detection technologies? At this...
Food waste legislation

Why you should care about food waste

Approximately, 1.3bn tonnes of food goes to waste each year. But what can changing opinions and legislation do to influence the reduction of our...