Cirba Solutions: Building a circular battery supply chain

Cirba Solutions announced on 22 June 2022 its collaboration with Heritage Battery Recycling, Retriev Technologies, and Battery Solutions, to build a circular battery supply chain.

A novel corporate identity demonstrates a global focus on industry leadership in battery collection, processing, and material upgrading for an end-to-end battery supply chain solution.

Cirba Solutions (CS) has combined the entity representing Heritage Battery Recycling, Retriev Technologies, and Battery Solutions, to create the most experienced and comprehensive battery management and materials platform. This is intended to facilitate a circular battery supply chain for the industry.

The company’s focus on lithium-ion batteries is necessary, due to the rapidly growing electric vehicle (EV) industry and is supported by its vigorous end-to-end resolution for all types of battery recycling and processing. CS’s expansive footprint includes six processing locations in north America and two lithium-ion operations with further expansion of additional materials processing sites being designated this year. 

“Our society is experiencing a rapid electrification transformation. CS, which signifies where circularity and batteries come together, is the most experienced and trusted company to handle the entire battery management process for our customers and we have the expertise to grow our services to meet the scope and scale of the upcoming future,” explained David Klanecky, CEO at Cirba Solutions. “A key to our success will be to address the complexity of the circular supply chain for customers to meet the industry’s need for lithium-ion batteries.”

CS has profoundly extended its operational abilities and industry knowledge in the last eight months:

  • In October 2021, Retriev Technologies combined with Heritage Battery Recycling to create the largest lithium-ion battery recycler in north America;
  • In March 2022, the company appointed battery-industry veterans, David Klanecky as CEO, and Luke Kissam as Chairman of the Board to join the leadership team; and
  • In that same month, the company acquired Battery Solutions, the north American leader in sustainable, end-to-end management solutions for end-of-life batteries.

Retriev Technologies: Most experienced cross-chemistry battery recycler in north America

Retriev Technologies has recycled more than 50 million pounds of lithium-ion batteries. For more than 30 years, it has seen battery technology transform and has tailored to meet market needs through innovation, customer collaboration, and laser-focused execution.

Battery Solutions: The largest north American post-consumer battery sorting services

Battery Solutions constructed the largest north American post-consumer battery sorting services with transportation, logistics, and collection infrastructure. These services are capable of collecting any number of batteries of any type throughout the continent and lead the industry in accordance and welfare. Thus, processing tens of millions of pounds of end-of-life batteries annually with more than 7,000 customers, covering collection, services, and battery-centric logistics, supports the battery management efforts for the circular supply chain.

“CS is the only player in the market today that has an operational, differentiated business with a full suite of capabilities to address lithium-ion and cross-chemistry battery demand,” said Klanecky. “Plus, our differentiated technology roadmap provides a technical foundation for significant gains in upgrading materials while servicing the industry needs for today.”

Planning for the growing demand for EVs in north America

The industry is planning for the growing demand for EVs in north America, which is estimated to grow from two million cars on the road today to 118 million by 2040. Auto manufacturers have dedicated themselves to investing more than $500bn in electrifying their fleet. Additionally, demand for new metals is expected to grow three-fold over the next eight years, enabling battery recycling as a viable and more sustainable resource for the overall EV supply chain.

“We are servicing the needs of today and supporting our future generations with sustainable solutions for the planet,” concluded Klanecky.


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