Denmark moves to 4th place on the Global Digital Readiness Index

Denmark has advanced to 4th place on Cisco’s Global Digital Readiness Index which  measures how prepared countries are to take advantage of the benefits of digitisation.

After significant investment in technological infrastructure in both the private and public sector, Denmark has been able rise through the ranks. The index created by Cisco, a multinational technology conglomerate, gave Denmark the highest score in the analysis on two of the seven components that the countries are measured on.

“This new analysis by Cisco confirms that Denmark is one of the world’s top locations for tech-activities. We offer a state of the art digital infrastructure and a world-class talent pool across tech areas.

“We see that a lot of foreign tech-companies have noticed that Denmark is a great place for tech-development and testing,” commented Henriette Brent-Pedersen, Tech Advisor, Invest in Denmark.

How are the countries assessed?

A countries digital readiness score is determined by Cisco researchers examining countries against the seven components which are believed to indicate a countries ability to take advantage of digitisation. These components are:

  • Basic Needs – this component is determined by life expectancy, mortality rate, population of people using safe drinking water and access to electricity.
  • Business & Government Investment – this is evaluated by assessing the foreign direct investment, research and development expenditure, investment freedom.
  • Ease of Doing Business – factors effecting this ranking include Rule of Law, Logistic Performance Index and Time to Get Electricity.
  • Human Capital – this is ranked by evaluating labour force participation rate, adult literacy rate, education index and harmonised test score.
  • Start-Up Environment – a countries ranking for this is determined by new business density, patents granted & trademarks registered and venture capital investment & availability.
  • Technology Adoption – mobile device penetration, internet usage and cloud services.
  • Technology Infrastructure – mobile broadband subscriptions, fixed broadband subscriptions, secure internet servers and household internet access.

Where else scored highly in the index?

All countries evaluated had the total score of 11.9 in the Cisco’s Digital Readiness Index. The overall top five countries are:

  1. Singapore – scored 20.26
  2. Luxembourg – scored 19.54
  3. United States – scored 19.03
  4. Denmark – scored 18.98
  5. Switzerland – scored 18.86

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