Developing a sustainable electric motor for electric vehicles

Researchers from the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) and the Reduced Induction Field Torque (RIFT) Technology are working to create a cost-effective and sustainable electric motor for electric vehicles. 

WMG researchers have contributed invaluable expertise to the advancement of cost-effective production and supply chain for RIFT Technology’s development of RIFT-10, which is a novel design for electric motor drives that decreases copper and magnetic weight reduction by approximately 50% and could reduce cost by around 75%.

Developing RIFT-10

The objective of this exciting project was to assist RIFT Technology – an R&D company bringing a product to market for the first time – in advancing RIFT-10. This will entail advancing the motor closer to a production stage by strengthening the supply chain in the UK, as apposed to abroad and facilitating production of trial units.

WMG is devoted to assisting the UK’s journey to realising its net-zero goals by helping industry in advancing novel concepts into commercial reality. This reinforces the University of Warwick’s approach to sustainability – which emphases the real-life implications of establishing a sustainable future.

The group of researchers at the University has accelerated the RIFT-10 project to provide revenue, jobs, CO2 reduction, and supply chain growth in the UK.

RIFT Technology has built the RIFT 10-30 kW motor (RIFT-10) by taking a novel invention from their sister business (RIFT Actuators) and working with APC and the Niche Vehicle Network to get the motor to a working prototype stage (installed on a G-Whiz). The innovative electric motor configuration has been demonstrated to produce 10-30kW of power, torque from 0-400Nm and up to 10,000RPM as proven with a prototype vehicle.

Supporting UK companies

James Black, WMG Innovation Manager at the University of Warwick commented, “The COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly difficult for SMEs and R&D-focused organisations that have previously relied on face-to-face networking events to find new partners, investors, and customers.

“WMG’s network means we are in a great position to connect UK companies together to help them accelerate their product to the market, and we’re delighted that RIFT Technology has benefited from our extensive background for practical supply chain solutions that have delivered economic and societal value to the project.”

From prototype to production

James O’Donnell, Technical Manager from RIFT Technology added, “As a research and development company bringing a product to market for the first time, RIFT Technology needed to bridge the gap between prototype and small-scale production. We had to answer difficult questions such as what to make and what to buy, high level questions such as how to develop a supply chain strategy and practical questions such as how best to select suppliers.

“With a unique blend of academic expertise and industrial experience from the University of Warwick, WMG’s Supply Chain and Operations Group were able to support us in our journey.”

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