Altona Rare Earths: Securing a stable rare earth supply chain

    In this new eBook, Innovation News Network spoke to Altona Rare Earths’ Christian Taylor-Wilkinson, Chief Executive, and Cedric Simonet, Chief Operating Officer, about the potential of developing a rare earth supply chain outside of China.

    Rare earth elements are essential for clean energy technologies such as electric vehicles, and renewables. These technologies are at the heart of the globe’s transition to clean energy, causing demand for them to rapidly increase. To guarantee that these technologies can be manufactured at the required rate, countries around the world need to ensure that they can obtain a secure rare earth supply chain.

    Why is a secure rare earth supply chain so important?

    Currently, countries in the Western world rely on China for their rare earth needs. The country is dominating the rare earth industry, and is responsible for 90% of the processing of these critical metals. However, a change is required, as without an alternative rare earth supply chain secured, countries in the West are vulnerable to supply chain disruption, resulting in the subsequent delay of the clean energy transition for many key players.

    UK-based rare earths mining and exploration company Altona Rare Earths aims to fill this major gap in the rare earth supply chain with its rare earth exploration projects in Southern and Eastern Africa.

    In this new eBook, Altona Rare Earths’ Christian Taylor-Wilkinson and Cedric Simonet showcase the potential of the company’s flagship rare earth project, Monte Muambe in Mozambique, and highlight the company’s plans for the future.

    The eBook also features discussion on:

    • Rare earth elements and their uses;
    • The global rare earth market;
    • Challenging China’s dominance over the global rare earth supply chain; and
    • Ensuring supplies of rare earths are mined and processed outside of China.

    About Altona Rare Earths

    Altona Rare Earths is a mining acquisition company based in the UK. The company is currently looking to expand its rare earth exploration projects in Southern and Eastern Africa.

    Altona’s strategy is to acquire controlling interests in multiple mining assets, some of which have previously seen years of exploration work. By doing this, Altona aims to reduce the risk for its shareholders, whilst simultaneously providing a greater opportunity for success.

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