Analysing challenges in meeting the supply and demand for rare earth elements

    Continuing our coverage of the importance of the supply and demand for rare earth elements, metals and magnets, we are proud to present this unique eBook, focusing on supply chain challenges, essential mining projects, and new technologies to recover critical minerals.

    As the global energy transition to a zero-carbon energy sector by 2050 looms ever closer, the race for greener solutions is gaining pace. A key topic of discussion within the sustainability movement is rare earth elements (REEs) and how we match the burgeoning demand with supply chain challenges.

    Also referred to as rare earth metals, REEs are 17 chemical elements used in magnets and batteries for applications where weight is a limiting factor, including electric vehicles. For this reason, demand for rare earths is only increasing.

    The challenges facing the rare earths sector

    Debates within the industry continue around a wide range of topics, such as ensuring the security of supply and strategies for meeting the anticipated increase in demand; financing the mining and refining of rare earths; mitigating the environmental and social impact of mining; and meeting the green transition with supply constraints on rare metals. Therefore, a global collaboration between governments, communities, and industry must be developed to diversify a sustainable supply of rare earths to meet the ever-increasing demand.

    The complex balancing act of meeting the demand for rare earths whilst protecting the environment is high on the agenda for companies, associations, and governments attempting to establish a secure supply within their country. This comprehensive eBook comprises a collection of insightful comments and opinions from experts, addressing the challenges surrounding rare earth elements supply and demand and how these can be met.

    Contributors include:

    • Dr Nabeel Mancheri, Secretary-General of the Global Rare Earth Industry Association (REIA)
    • Ionic Rare Earths discusses how the company is developing a new magnet and heavy rare earth supply chain through its Makuutu Project;
    • Naaja H Nathanielsen, Greenland’s Minister of Finance, Minerals, Justice and Gender Equality, explores Greenland’s critical mineral potential and explains how these materials will feed into the global supply chain;
    • Eclipse Metals Ltd explains how the global race for rare earth minerals has returned the spotlight to the Ivigtût mining project in Greenland;
    • Professor Allan Walton, a Founding Director of HyProMag, discusses the organisation’s loop magnet recycling HPMS technology and how their partnerships and collaborations can unlock the global supply chain for the recycling of rare earth magnets;
    • Donald Bubar, President and CEO of Avalon Advanced Materials Inc, explains the new avenue to recover critical minerals from the wastes contained in closed mine sites;
    • Axel Sjöqvist of the University of Gothenburg explores the potential of Sweden’s heavy rare earth mineral deposit; and
    • REIA member Phoenix Tailings explains how they intend to solve domestic supply chain challenges for rare earth metals.
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