Explore the daily life of an MPS patient through advancing MPS research

    When a baby with MPS is born, there is nothing to suggest what will happen in the future. With improved MPS research, we learn about the light and shadow in the daily life of an MPS patient.

    With the help of our Partners, MPS Austria, this eBook explores the evolving life of an MPS patient. Delving into MPS (mucopolysaccharidoses), we gain an insight into what a patient endures during their early years in life, the affect this rare disease has on their teen and adult years, and what societies across the world are doing, through growing MPS research, to improve awareness and future therapies of the disease.

    Curious to learn more about the MPS research taking place? Have a read of the eBook here: Light & Shadow: the daily life of an MPS patient.

    What will the eBook explore?

    Although MPS is a debilitating rare disease, with the positive therapeutic effects of causative interventions and much more effective multidisciplinary symptomatic therapies, the survival of affected individuals has indeed improved dramatically. Thanks to the growing body of MPS research, this eBook puts a spotlight on MPS further, exploring the following:

    • The early years of life for an MPS patient;
    • Light and shadow during kindergarten and school;
    • Life of a patient during adulthood;
    • Light at the end of the tunnel;
    • Disease progression over the years;
    • The challenges of a chronic disease;
    • Increasing awareness of MPS; and
    • The situation in varying countries.

    Excited to catch a read of the eBook? Click here to start reading: Light & Shadow: the daily life of an MPS patient.

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