A fuel management solution by European logistics experts

    In a world that is increasingly connected through technology, the role of logistics and freight in connecting businesses and people in the real world has also grown.

    However, environmental concerns mean that logistics providers and fleet operators are under ever greater pressure to transition to cleaner, renewable fuels, and take advantage of cutting-edge technological solutions to improve fuel management – and thereby efficiency – without increasing emissions.

    As a company which is encouraging better fuel management through fuel cards, AS24 demonstrates that better efficiency is easy to achieve, and can offer a real environmental benefit. AS24, a subsidiary of Total SA, comprises a number of experienced professionals who understand in detail the requirements and constraints of the logistics industry, and how these can best be addressed efficiently without contributing to climate change.

    How can AS24’s fuel management solution improve efficiency?

    The breadth of AS24’s network of stations, the security of the transactions it provides and the competitiveness of its prices ensure that the company is recognised as a European leader in the provision of fleet management and logistics services. More than just a fuel supplier, the company offers a range of services, including the retrieval of tachograph data.

    The company’s services optimise the time spent refuelling, and maximise the ease of use for drivers, both of which can cut down journey times and thereby improve the efficiency of deliveries. With 12,000 partner service stations across all European roads, AS24’s fuel cards can also remove the need for drivers to keep receipts and claim back fuel expenses, and allow fleet operators to keep track of the expenditure for each vehicle.

    All of AS24’s partner stations also offer easy access to amenities such as showers and truckwashes, restaurants and secure parking areas, which contribute to the comfort of drivers, and which make the company a vital partner for 21st century logistics professionals.

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