How can a circular economy of plastics be made a reality?

    In this new eBook, VTT discusses its vision of creating a circular economy of plastics that could counteract the impacts of plastic waste packaging.

    Plastics have many benefits as packaging materials, but when they enter ecosystems, they can cause severe damage to the environment. Thus, there is a pressing need to tackle the challenge of plastic packaging waste.

    The VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is developing a circular economy solution to counter the challenges of plastic pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, while retaining the benefits that plastics offer.

    VTT believes that a circular economy of plastics is a significant step towards a sustainable economy where no materials are wasted. This holds the possibly of making life more sustainable in the future and creates opportunities for the businesses of today.

    This new eBook, produced in partnership with Innovation News Network, lays out VTT’s vision of creating a circular economy of plastics and includes discussion on:

    • Plastic waste in rivers
    • Bio-based PEF-plastics
    • Recycling polystyrene waste
    • Cellulose-based food packaging materials
    • Bioplastic from soy residues
    • Accelerating the chemical recycling of waste

    About VTT

    VTT is a visionary research, development and innovation partner with nearly 80 years of experience of scientific innovation with both private companies and the public sector.

    The company has tasked itself with the goal of utilising research and technology to turn global challenges into sustainable growth opportunities for businesses and wider society.

    VTT’s activities are focused around three main areas: carbon neutral solutions; sustainable products and materials; and digital technologies.

    As part of its core mission to develop sustainable solutions to global challenges, one of VTT’s areas of expertise is developing technologies and techniques to help the transition from a linear economy to a circular economy, which is a significant stop towards a truly sustainable economy.

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