Increasing domestic lithium production is essential for the US’ transition to green energy

    In this new eBook, American Lithium Minerals highlight how they are assisting the US Government in increasing the country’s domestic lithium production, through the development of two new battery plants.

    As the global transition to clean energy takes shape, it is clear that electric vehicles (EVs) will play a key role in lowering carbon emissions. As EV uptake increases, the need for domestic lithium production has risen.

    Lithium-ion batteries are the most popular choice for EV batteries due to lithium’s greater energy density, a unique property of this critical mineral. Moreover, rare earths are essential to EVs and clean energy technologies because they are used to manufacture permanent magnets. With lithium and rare earths being key minerals in the world’s energy transition, secure domestic production must be guaranteed.

    At present, there is only one large-scale lithium production mine, and one rare earths mine in the US. This is set to change under the Biden administration, which is aiming to increase the domestic production of essential metals through the Defence Production Act.

    American Lithium Minerals is assisting the country in its quest for supply chain independence, by working to increase the domestic production of lithium, rare earths, and graphite. The company has five lithium production properties, one graphite property, and two rare earths projects.

    In their new eBook, in collaboration with Innovation News Network, American Lithium Minerals showcases its properties, highlights the importance of increasing critical mineral production in the US, and explains how it is working to develop two new battery plants.

    About American Lithium Minerals

    American Lithium Minerals Inc. is a Las Vegas-based mining and mineral exploration company. Their common stock is publicly traded on OTCMarkets.

    Beginning in 2019, the company adopted a plan to develop, build, and operate two lithium production complexes. The facilities are able to assemble lithium-ion batteries, and recycle old batteries containing lithium, cobalt, and other valuable materials.

    American Lithium Minerals are currently exploring for lithium and rare earth elements across Nevada and Arizona. Their four present exploration projects are:

    • Stonewell Flat Lithium;
    • Silver Peak Lithium;
    • West End Lithium; and
    • Kingman Rare Earths.
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