An intelligent thermal energy system for smart cities

    NODA Intelligent Systems AB provides an intelligent thermal energy system for sustainability and efficiency solutions in the evolving smart energy landscape.

    Founded in 2005 in Sweden, NODA aims to optimise thermal energy through better management of operational systems. In pursuit of this goal, the company has developed its intelligent thermal energy system, including smart heat grid solutions for the optimisation of district energy grids and smart heat building solutions for energy efficiency in buildings.

    NODA’s vision is to take a leading role in designing the new, smart and sustainable energy landscape, and it does so by providing the market with an intelligent thermal energy system that optimises and services for efficiency, and increases long-term financial value with minimal environmental impact, for customers from utilities, building companies and energy service providers.

    What kind of solutions does NODA provide?

    This booklet outlines how NODA’s role in servicing district heating and cooling (DHC) systems can create advantages for the cities that adopt them. For example:

    • High-capacity chillers or boilers in centralised facilities are more energy efficiency;
    • Waste heat can be recovered from waste treatment plants, data centres, public transport stations and elsewhere;
    • Compatible with biomass, biofuel and geothermal energy, meaning they can help to reach 100% renewable energy coverage; and
    • Thermal storage systems can be more efficient and managed more effectively in a centralised DHC system.

    It explains how the company’s patented solutions use big data and auto-analytic systems that enable heat load optimisation for buildings and district heating networks. This success has allowed NODA to lead the way in bringing sustainable heating solutions to Sweden – it now has over 2,000 connected buildings and collaborated with many of the country’s most prominent energy companies.

    The booklet concludes by detailing a series of Horizon 2020-funded projects in which NODA has participated, which are seeking to develop innovative DHC network controllers and distributed thermal flexibility in the connection of heat and power networks.

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