How can machine-to-machine communication help smart meters?

    OHB SE was established as Germany’s first aerospace and technology company, and is now one of the biggest space system and service firms in Europe.

    It now employs more than 2,200 employees across the continent, and combines 35 years of experience in technology in the area of space technology and telematics. OHB established M2M Europe Network and Solutions GmbH in co-operation with Orbcomm Inc., with the aim of becoming the leading European provider of machine-to-machine communication solutions.

    What is machine-to-machine communication?

    M2M Europe’s machine-to-machine communication technology can remotely track, monitor and control fixed and mobile assets in a multitude of market segments, and addressing European commercial and institutional customers. In this booklet, M2M Europe details a number of applications for its products, including:

    • Critical, near real-time vessel communication;
    • Ocean buoy tracking;
    • Fleet management;
    • Reliable and cost-effective vehicle tracking; and
    • Ensuring cargo and driver security.

    The efficiency and effectiveness of M2M’s technology offers a number of significant benefits for fleet managers. It offers on-board diagnostics and the ability to monitor drivers for speeding, acceleration and harsh breaking, which can reduce wear, operating and fuel costs.

    Additionally, M2M’s solutions can enhance cargo security and driver safety, streamline freight and logistics and improve customer service by providing more accurate estimated time of arrival on deliveries.

    What other applications do M2M’s devices have?

    Beyond transport, M2M Europe’s machine-to-machine communication devices can continuously monitor and control smart grid infrastructure and quickly identify faults, meaning that they are ideal for management of future energy systems.

    What’s more, they can improve water management and automate water meter reading with continuous monitoring, which can also allow providers to carefully control water to customers. As Europe increasingly turns to smart meters to fulfil its energy needs carefully and efficiently, M2m Europe’s devices could an ideal solution.

    This booklet explains how, and details many additional features, products and services on offer from M2M Europe and its parent and associated companies.

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