Marine technology innovation from Float Marine Technologies Europe

    Float Marine Technologies Europe offers innovative research, design and development in the field of multipurpose, multi-application marine technology.

    Float’s flagship product is the Pneumatically Stabilised Platform (PSP), a very large seaborne floating platform offering reliable motion stability and a flexible modular design. The PSP has an array of potential applications, from acting as a maritime and aviation transport hub to hosting aquaculture and leisure facilities; as well as supporting the production of oil refineries or gas development projects. This unique innovation has a number of advantages, including its low cost and ease of remote construction, the fact that that because it is a floating platform it can be moved if the market conditions change; and its inherent scope for easy disposal when its long and useful life has ended.

    Float also offers an ‘Offshore Floating Ocean Energy System’ (OFOES). This innovative design is designed individually to match the environment of the candidate site specifics, and in turn, provides combined renewable energy sources. The system itself captures and converts factors such as wind, wave, tidal and ocean currents, and then utilises them to generate grid electricity. Float’s other innovative key products include the Rho-Cee, an Impedance-Matching, Oscillating Water Column (IM-OWC) system designed to be fully supported by the Pneumatically Stabilised Platform.

    This eBook also covers:

    • Float Marine Technologies Europe’s mission statement and future goals for marine technology innovation;
    • An overview of Float’s history and the development of Very Large Floating Surfaces;
    • The unique benefits of floating platform technology and its multitude of potential applications;
    • The engineering and structural advantages of the Pneumatically Stabilised Platform’s construction;
    • The circular, sustainable energy generation potential of Float’s Offshore Floating Ocean Energy System; and
    • The history of the FloatPort floating airport and transportation hub system, Float’s defining Pneumatically Stabilised Platform innovation.
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