Marineholmen RASLab: Leading research and innovation in the aquaculture industry

    In this eBook, Dr Mark D Powell, CEO and General Manager of Marineholmen RASLab AS, discusses how the company is leading research and innovation in the aquaculture industry.

    As overfishing continues and the seas are unable to sustain the growing demand for fish, humans require alternative seafood sources. Aquaculture provides a sustainable and stable solution, supplying the healthy and lean protein, and has already facilitated greater access to fish, resulting in improved food security and nutrition.

    In a world where the human population is growing, it is unsurprising that effective aquaculture systems are being recognised as the fastest growing and most efficient way of producing protein for human consumption.

    In this latest eBook written in partnership with Innovation News Network, Marineholmen RASLab’s Dr Mark D Powell explores the role of research and innovation in the future development of the aquaculture industry. This eBook explains why the company’s research, expertise, and recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) technology must be utilised to ensure the aquaculture industry is sustainable and financially stable.

    This exciting new eBook investigates a range of topics, including:

    • An overview of RAS technology;
    • Species that can be cultivated using RAS technology;
    • Overcoming challenges in the aquaculture industry;
    • Marineholmen RASLab’s research and innovation in the aquaculture industry;
    • Minimising the environmental impact of aquaculture and prioritising fish welfare; and
    • RASLab’s state-of-the-art research, education and training facilities.

    What is Marineholmen RASLab?

    Marineholmen RASLab AS is a contract research and innovation company focusing on water RAS and land-based aquaculture production. The company conducts research and development projects alongside university and research institutions, as well as commercial partners. On top of this, it conducts its own research as a partner in internationally funded research projects.

    Situated in Bergen, the heart of Norway’s aquaculture industry, RASLab provides advanced facilities for research and innovation in the aquaculture industry. RASLab AS is owned by a consortium of the University of Bergen, ILAB (Stiftelsen Industrialaboriet), NORCE and Marineholmen Forskningspark.

    As part of the Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult centre, RASLab plays a key role in innovation. In partnership with the University of Bergen and utilising its vast background in RAS and aquaculture technology, RASLab offers novel educational opportunities through university and life-long-learning courses.

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