Monitoring critical fluids for optimal maritime performance

    Martechnic is a Hamburg-based company which specialises in the monitoring and management of fuel, lubricant, hydraulic oil and other critical fluids for maritime applications.

    Since the founding of the company in 1992, it has focused on designing and developing innovative technical solutions, including equipment and services for conducting continuous and preventive maintenance of critical fluids and other parts of various engine systems.

    Whether in the international maritime sector, offshore oil platforms or onshore industries, Martechnic recognises the importance of the smooth running and continuous optimal performance of machinery.

    Regular or continuous assessment of the condition of lubricating and hydraulic oil enables early detection of any occurring changes or irregularities, and provides the opportunity to take appropriate action to ensure proper oil system maintenance.

    How does Martechnic monitor an engine’s critical fluids?

    Employing 20 years of experience in on-site conditioning, Martechnic regards the proper condition monitoring of fuel, lube, hydraulic oil and other critical fluids through the method of direct on-site assessment as an integral part of ensuring optimal performance.

    It offers portable and stationary test kits for onsite monitoring, as well as sensors which can offer continuous monitoring on the most critical equipment. This booklet outlines the extensive range of test kits that Martechnic has on offer, which cover the following:

    • Water in oil;
    • Viscosity;
    • Alkalinity reserve;
    • Acidity;
    • Flash point;
    • Density;
    • Compatibility;
    • Insolubles;
    • Pour point; and
    • Salt water determination.

    The booklet also highlights the role of sensor technology in monitoring environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs) for machinery parts below the waterline. This is necessary not only to ensure optimal performance, but also to ensure vessels remain within internationally recognised standards.

    The ingress of seawater can result in contamination of lubricants, because the increased concentration of water leads to greater biodegradability in oil, which in turn shortens its lifespan. To prevent this, Martechnic offers two different sensor systems, a humidity sensor and an infrared water in-line sensor, which are also detailed herein.

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