Online privacy: Keeping children safe with the EP3 Foundation

    The EP3 Foundation is a trusted, neutral non-profit organisation devoted to privacy preserving data sharing.

    The foundation, which comprises standards organisations, industry leaders, researchers and representatives of government agencies, aims to improve health and education by boosting the privacy and security of users’ data.

    EP3 uses privacy networks and trust models in combination with crypto-hashing and distributed ledger technology to protect and verify data, ensuring users’ data is only shared when they choose to allow it; and automatically enforce data protection policies. The foundation empowers providers, patients, students, parents and educators to make data-driven decisions without divulging sensitive information.

    Privacy and Safety

    More than four billion people worldwide use the internet for work, leisure and education. With the growing number of children raised in an online world, protecting children’s privacy and safety online – from predators, cyberbullying, fraud, radicalisation and any number of other risks – is an increasing priority. Problematic Interactive Media Use, the unhealthy or compulsive use of media among children and young people, is allegedly on the rise.

    In this eBook EP3 provides a comprehensive breakdown of the threats to children’s privacy and personal safety that are present online; the risks posed by social media, smart devices and online gaming; risk factors that can make children especially vulnerable; and the measures that must be taken to address these hazards.

    The EP3 Foundation provides automated privacy preserving protocols to reduce and ultimately eliminate data theft, cybersecurity breaches and online fraud. Its accreditation and certification programmes enable stakeholders to cultivate an environment of trust, maintaining safety and security requirements.

    This eBook also covers:

    • EP3’s use of revolutionary innovations to create secure networks;
    • Implementing new privacy protection protocols to keep children safe;
    • The duty of organisations, governments and authorities to act quickly to protect children from growing online threats; and
    • How to participate in EP3’s pilot initiatives.
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