Producing high purity alumina through HiPurA® technology

    In this new eBook, Innovation News Network spoke to David Leavy, Managing Director of ChemX Materials, about the benefits of high purity alumina and the company’s HiPurA® technology.

    Alumina, or aluminium oxide, has been produced for more than 50 years in Australia. Now, as the transition to renewable energy technologies accelerates, a new form of alumina is gaining traction. The demand for high purity alumina (HPA), with a purity of more than 99.99%, is significantly increasing. In March 2022, the Australian Government announced the addition of HPA to the country’s critical mineral list to reflect the expanding significance of mineral inputs related to the clean energy transition.

    The need for high purity alumina

    High purity alumina has two major uses. The first and most publicised application is the material’s use in lithium-ion batteries. HPA is used to coat the separator between the anode and cathode to improve its thermal capacity, and thus, reduce the risk of thermal runaway.

    The material is also used in the creation of synthetic sapphire, which assists in the development of LED lights and semiconductors.

    As HPA is becoming ever-more essential to the world’s green revolution, production of the material must therefore increase.

    In this eBook, ChemX’s Managing Director, David Leavy, showcases the company’s HiPurA® high purity alumina processing technology – innovative and unique equipment created to produce high purity alumina. This eBook explains why the HiPurA® technology is advantageous compared to traditional production methods.

    The eBook also features discussions on:

    • The key goals and objectives of ChemX;
    • The main uses and benefits of high purity alumina;
    • How ChemX’s HiPurA® technology works;
    • Minimising environmental impacts and ensuring that ESG requirements are met;
    • Key projects within ChemX’s portfolio; and
    • The company’s goals for the future.

    About ChemX Materials Ltd

    ChemX Materials is leading the expansion of advanced materials technology required for the transition to clean energy. The company is developing materials to enable decarbonisation processes through the progress of its HiPurA® technology and the Eyre Peninsula projects. ChemX’s solutions aim to reduce global emissions whilst simultaneously lowering production costs.

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