Could this technology rapidly improve border security?

    Science for Humanity (S4H) was founded in 2004 in Brugge, Belgium and specialises in prevention of illegal immigration, human trafficking and prison escapes through its ground-breaking human presence, movement and heartbeat detection system (MDS).

    The MDS detects and inspects the presence of humans in any kind of vehicle or cargo through a combination of sensors, with almost 100% accuracy. The system is fast, effective and more efficient than manually inspecting cargo, making it a vital point of call for security checkpoints in all sorts of contexts.

    In this booklet, Science for Humanity presents the technical and practical details of its revolutionary MDS system. The accuracy of the technology compared to other methods, such as CO2 testing or x-rays, means it has a broad variety of defence and security applications, including:

    • Border security;
    • Prisons and other correctional facilities;
    • Homeland security;
    • Entrance security at critical infrastructures; and
    • Port security.

    The technology is in use for these applications and more, in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, as well as countries outside the EU, including Morocco, China, and the US.

    What can the MDS system do?

    The MDS system works within 15-47 seconds with almost 100% accuracy. It simultaneously employs between one and four extremely sensitive geophones (seismic sensors), a ground vibration sensor, a low-frequency microphone and unique, patent-approved digital signage software.

    Further, the system is operational in temperatures from -25°C to +60°C, and offers lightweight (20-35kg) portable and mobile models which can easily fit into the trunk of a car. This combination of factors makes the MDS solution ideal for routine checks at ports or border crossings.

    Lorries often arrive at border checks sealed, and if paperwork is not fully in order, authorities cannot break the seal to inspect the contents. Even in cases where authorities are able to break a seal to inspect cargo, this process is time consuming. Therefore, the MDS system is a more time effective and viable solution to detecting hidden persons among cargo.

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