Natural and sustainable wood protection

    Founded in 1998, Sioo Wood Protection has a long history of innovation in developing natural and sustainable wood protection solutions.

    The company was inspired by Nature to create environmentally friendly wood protection for decks, building siding, docks and more. Their products offer unrivalled, long lasting and durable protection, and a silver-grey colour that mirrors the ageing process and looks just like beautifully aged wood.

    In 2008, Sioo Wood Protection AB was formed as part of the company’s expansion into the international market, meaning the products have been in widespread use by consumers and professionals for many different applications for over ten years.

    What solutions does Sioo Wood offer?

    In this booklet, founder Herje Boström explains how his technology uses the natural absorption of silicon by trees and plants as an inspiration for its Sioo:x wood protection product. The company offers practical examples, including the use of Sioo:x to treat cedar cladding in the Lake District, UK, to act as a barrier against algae, mould and rot, and strengthen the wood surface.

    Many different applications for the technology are explained in detail, including:

    • Decking and jetties;
    • Teak boat decks;
    • Beams and bridges;
    • Artwork; and
    • Furniture.

    Because Sioo Wood’s solutions mimic the natural ageing process of wood – and avoids the risk of uneven weathering on different aspects of buildings or protected areas such as overhanging eaves – they are an attractive solution for wood protection.

    As well as offering a protective surface, Sioo:x gives wood a light surface that is pleasant to touch, and allows for easy wipe down to make maintenance simpler. Further, the use of exclusively natural and environmentally friendly ingredients means that Sioo:x is an ideal solution for use outdoors, in areas where wood will interact with wildlife or marine ecosystems.

    Above and beyond all of these aesthetic considerations, Sioo:x provides unrivalled durability for all of the timber products listed above, and many others. It prevents splintering and cracking even when the timber is subject to heavy wear and adverse weather, making it an ideal solution for any wood protection needs.

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