Shaping the mobility of the future with Germany-based traffic software company PTV Group

    As the world’s focus turns to technological integration into city life, PTV Group, a pioneer in smart traffic management, has been developing solutions to the twin issues of carbon emissions and urban planning.

    The EU has set strict targets for the reduction of carbon emissions, and road transport currently contributes a significant proportion of Europe’s emissions. Aside from the environmental concern of carbon reduction, the finite amount of fossil fuels available means finding a widely usable renewable fuel source must be a priority. Meanwhile, smart highways and technologically enabled traffic management solutions are increasingly gaining momentum as the answer to rising road use and urban congestion; and as self-driving vehicles increase in number, the particular challenges they pose to infrastructure design are coming to the forefront of discussions in this particular field.

    Covering sustainable fuels and transport alternatives, the contribution of smart cities to environmental issues, smart traffic management, and the rise of shared and communal vehicle options, this eBook takes a comprehensive view of the future of mobility in a changing world.

    How is urban traffic adapting to digital progress?

    In an exclusive interview, PTV Group CEO Vincent Kobesen explains the concept of Mobility-as-a-Service, the societal shift from privately owned transportation to shared mobility, and the ways in which highways and infrastructure will need to adapt.

    The eBook also covers:

    • The European Commission versus carbon emissions – PTV Group lists sustainable fuel alternatives, their benefits and drawbacks.
    • Oslo’s autonomous future – examining the rise of electric and driverless cars in Norway’s capital and the implications for urban transport planning.
    • Air pollution and smart traffic planning – how has Strasbourg adapted its traffic management system to minimise city-wide carbon emissions?
    • Intelligent street lighting – ENBW’s SMIGHT programme, in tandem with PTV Group, uses wifi-equipped street lighting towers to collect data for smart traffic management.
    • TRIMODE – building a comprehensive, multimodal European transport model.
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