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ISSP UL: Excellence in materials science

The Institute of Solid State Physics of University of Latvia (ISSP UL) is an internationally recognised leader in the material sciences and cross-disciplinary topics in Latvia. The ISSP UL provides internationally competitive research and innovative solutions for industrial applications and in 2018 celebrates its 40th anniversary, highlighting the progress that...

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Conquering global markets with Horizon 2020

EurA AG, a technology and innovation consultancy operating throughout Europe, supports the market leaders of tomorrow along the innovation process, through the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument application: from research and development of new products to market introduction and international marketing of innovations. EurA implements innovations by using regional, state and...

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The OLA: innovation and healthy ageing

INOVA+ is the OLA (Organizational Life Assistant) project co-ordinator taking the overall responsibility for project management and product market introduction. Counting over 20 years of experience in innovation consulting and market-oriented applied research, through its digital unit INOVA+ specialises in research and development, proof of concept and ICT product market...

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Delivering protection and performance in the security industry

In recent years, perimeter protection for public and utility sectors has grown dramatically in importance. An increasing awareness of the vulnerability of critical infrastructure and the changing nature of threats posed both by independent and state-sponsored actors mean that perimeter protection for public and utility sectors has become a vital...

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STAR Dynamics delivers military system performance

STAR Dynamics Corporation continuously enhances and evolves its next-generation military Instrumentation Radar product line with expanded performance and versatility, driven by the company’s mission statement: ‘Inspiring Innovation’. STAR Dynamics’ high-performance radars have been developed and evolved in ongoing support of national defence needs and is powered by industry-leading precision radar...

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An intelligent thermal energy system for smart cities

NODA Intelligent Systems AB provides an intelligent thermal energy system for sustainability and efficiency solutions in the evolving smart energy landscape. Founded in 2005 in Sweden, NODA aims to optimise thermal energy through better management of operational systems. In pursuit of this goal, the company has developed its intelligent thermal...

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Natural and sustainable wood protection

Founded in 1998, Sioo Wood Protection has a long history of innovation in developing natural and sustainable wood protection solutions. The company was inspired by Nature to create environmentally friendly wood protection for decks, building siding, docks and more. Their products offer unrivalled, long lasting and durable protection, and a...

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Galvanic Energy: Industry leading geoscience exploration company

Geoscience exploration company, Galvanic Energy, employs innovative strategies to mineral acquisition advancing the US renewable energy sector. Galvanic Energy is...