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Varberg: a vision of the future

With its coastal location, natural attractions and a broad range of exciting urban developments, the western Swedish municipality of Varberg offers a multitude of  opportunities in the future to work, live and visit. Varberg, which has won Fokus magazine’s Best Place to Stay in Sweden five years running, aims to...

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Autodrive: the transport of the future

Autodrive deals in mobility safety and the development of autonomous vehicle technology, working towards safer and cleaner transport solutions. Autodrive has identified what it believes to be the most pressing issues currently facing road and rail transport, including road and rail safety concerns; vehicle mobility in dense urban areas; electric...

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Exploring forestry digitalisation with Wuudis Solutions Oy

Wuudis Solutions Oy provides reliable, convenient IT solutions for digitised forestry projects, including a comprehensive mobile programme. The sustainable management and monitoring of forests demands a flexible, mobile solution. Wuudis is that solution – a network service covering the full value chain of the forestry business, enabling convenient sharing of...

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Fighting climate change with carbon capture technology

Total, a major energy operator, is inviting stakeholders to join its Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) research community. With the world in crisis over the ongoing climate emergency, new approaches and policies in the energy sector have become a necessity; and Total aims not only to reduce the carbon...

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Online privacy: Keeping children safe with the EP3 Foundation

The EP3 Foundation is a trusted, neutral non-profit organisation devoted to privacy preserving data sharing. The foundation, which comprises standards organisations, industry leaders, researchers and representatives of government agencies, aims to improve health and education by boosting the privacy and security of users’ data. EP3 uses privacy networks and trust...

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Q-Free Solutions for intelligent transport

As smart cities grow in both in size and scope, their infrastructure must adapt to meet the needs of a rising population and an increasing demand for smart transport. Q-Free began in 1984 as Micro Design, a small firm of Norwegian engineers developing electronic systems of toll collection. Over the...

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Repurposed surplus steel is greener steel

Cleveland Steel & Tubes Ltd, which celebrates its 45th anniversary this year, is a leading supplier of surplus steel tubes to the construction industry. Cleveland Steel & Tubes Ltd supplies surplus steel to customers worldwide; and has provided construction materials for large scale projects including the London Olympic Stadium, the...

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Revolutionary human memory software at the Bielefeld University

The Neurocognition and Action Research Group at Cognitive Interaction Technology Excellence Center (NCA) at the Bielefeld University, Germany, is creating revolutionary human memory software. The NCA analyses complicated human memory structures to apply these to the next generation of user-adaptive systems. The NCA’s research will lead to the development of human...

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Galvanic Energy: Industry leading geoscience exploration company

Geoscience exploration company, Galvanic Energy, employs innovative strategies to mineral acquisition advancing the US renewable energy sector. Galvanic Energy is...