Electric vans for the future of sustainable transport

Mark Barrett, General Manager of LDV UK & Ireland, reports on how one automotive brand is leading the charge for greener motoring with innovative electric vans.

In a bid to combat climate change and under EU regulations, zero-emission vehicles are becoming the norm in Member States; with electric vehicle (EV) sales across Europe expected to triple by 2021. Experts estimate that there will be 140 million EVs on the road globally by 2030, should countries meet the Paris Climate Agreement’s goal at the end of the next decade. This signals the end of the road for combustion engines and the start of a new era where electric vans, trucks and cars are already driving the change for a greener, cleaner transport model.

LDV is proud to be part of that change and is leading the charge when it comes to developing new technologies that can make the switch to zero-emission driving easier for all and, in particular, for business owners and fleet buyers. Manufactured in China by SAIC Maxus, LDV has been focused for many years on fuel innovation and the creation of light commercial electric vans that can support fleet buyers and business owners in relegating congestion charges, road fund licences and carbon emissions to the past.

As a leader in the development of electric vans, LDV strives to be first-to-market with zero-emission transportation solutions for all right-hand drive countries across Europe. Today, you will see hundreds of battery-powered LDV light commercial vehicles in operation across the UK and Ireland for well-known organisations including Tesco, Ikea’s Unit-movements, Northern Gas Network, Ireland’s postal service ‘An Post’ and the UK’s Royal Mail.

Distributed by Harris Automotive Group, which is headquartered in Dublin, LDV’s sights are set firmly on the future. When the brand relaunched in 2016, it did so with the introduction of the EV80, the company’s flagship, zero-emission panel van, which is an affordable investment in the future. Boasting a 120-mile range on a single charge and offering a number of variants including chassis cab, crew cab and minibus, the EV80 quickly became a favourite with decision makers. This is not only because of its reliability, but also due to its capacity to significantly cut long term operational costs and future-proof businesses as we step into a new era of motoring.

EV sales are gaining momentum across Europe and we are starting to see significantly more electric vans and cars on our roads. As the green revolution gains support and the 2030 EU target looms closer, LDV is ready for the next step with the launch of the EV30 – the first fully electric commercial van produced by LDV with no combustion engine alternative. Available to order from Q1 2020, the EV30 is a small, fully electric commercial vehicle with an industry-leading battery range, which clocks up to 200 miles on a single charge (53kWh battery).

Every EV30 is fitted with a high capacity lithium-ion battery and boasts an advanced pure electric power system providing a highly efficient, stable power supply and an EPB system that is not only convenient but reliable. Rapid battery charging time is 45 minutes, while a full AC charge can be achieved within five hours using off-peak, cheap rate electricity to maximise cost savings. All of LDV’s vehicles, including its electric vans, are covered by a five-year warranty or 125,000 miles (200,000km) and include five years’ roadside assistance as standard. With SAIC using only the latest technology in both its new-to-market EV30 and the flagship EV80, LDV can ensure the highest technical specs and an electrified light commercial vehicle range that will help businesses fly the flag for greener motoring. For more on LDV and greener motoring, check out www.myldv.co.uk.

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