Enough talking, strive for a green future now

Norwegian wave power company Havkraft AS, alongside communications specialist Frequency AS, emphasise why now is the right time to commit to a greener future.

We are in the midst of one of the greatest paradigm shifts in the history of the world. The pace of innovation is high, and the speed of such changes is only getting faster. The transition to green energy solutions is sparking both applause and despair, where the aim of a green future is required.

“We need to act now. Enough talking,” said Havkraft’s CEO, Geir Arne Solheim.

Norwegian companies Havkraft AS and Frequency AS are not just talking about the green transition, but are acting on it. Havkraft is a world-recognised organisation in the wave energy sector, known for its game-changing OceanONE technology. Frequency is a small Norwegian communications company with sustainability at its core, supporting Havkraft and other companies to be successful in their green efforts through storytelling, design, and digital communication tools.

New ways and new thinking for a green future

The two companies’ appeal is that we cannot solve the challenges of the future with yesterday’s mindset. We must think in a new way.

“If we focus on nature, we have a good reference factor. How long should a power plant last to be sustainable? How much space can we use in nature for power plants and line networks? What price must we accept for sustainable energy? How should the power plants be designed so as not to damage biological diversity?” said Geir Arne Solheim.

We at Havkraft and Frequency strive to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. This puts a lot of pressure on how we develop our solutions and value chains.

Trygve Johan Solheim, CEO of Frequency, said: “There are no shortcuts for us, as we work to standards that have not yet been set. We are pioneers. What we do today will be official policy tomorrow.”

Removing the ‘use and dispose’ mentality

There will be a requirement for a long service life on power plants, as well as a requirement for the use of materials that do not harm the environment, and for area-efficient technology and the use of local energy where possible. Additionally, there will be a preference for origin guarantees and short-distance solutions.

Geir Arne Solheim continued: “As a customer, you can be assured that investing in solutions from Havkraft is something you can reap the benefits of in many ways. Not only will you get green, renewable and sustainable energy from the ocean, but you will also gain a reputation by choosing ‘the next’ over ‘the previous’.”

Havkraft will revolutionise the power industry and create the paradigm shift the world is waiting for.

“The potential for wave power is enormous, as is the positive impact on the planet, since electricity is the very basis for development, welfare and quality of life across the globe. Frequency supports this development,” stated Trygve Johan Solheim.

Adapt, improvise, overcome

Many companies say that they must adapt and, if they do not adjust in a sustainable direction in time, there is no future. There is no reason to choose polluting solutions if clean solutions are a good alternative.

“We now see a clear tendency for companies that are innovative and adopt solutions early to reap great benefits, both in the short and long term. The ocean is our greatest resource, and we at Havkraft and Frequency have an enormous respect for it. We want to help ensure that our oceans become a continuous resource and for our generation not be known as the one that did irreparable damage,” Geir Arne Solheim concluded.

Nature-friendly and area-efficient energy from the waves is part of the solution, and you as a customer are crucial to ensuring the phasing in of this future-oriented energy source.

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