First Hydrogen UK Limited appoints a new chief executive officer

Steve Gill has been appointed as director of First Hydrogen UK Limited and as Chief Executive Officer of its automotive division.

What is First Hydrogen UK Limited?

The First Hydrogen Corporation (FHC) is a company based both in London, United Kingdom, and Vancouver, Canada. The company is focused on creating vehicles that generate zero-emissions and has supercritical carbon dioxide extractor systems.

What are FHC working on?

FHC are currently in the midst of developing and designing a light commercial demonstrator vehicle (LCV) that is powered by hydrogen fuel cells, which will be accomplished with consideration to the two agreements FHC have with AVL Powertrain and Ballard Power Systems Inc.

In order for the LCV to have the 500+ kilometre range that FHC intends for it to have, the company is discussing refuelling capabilities with FEV Consulting GmbH; the internal automotive consultants at FEV Group of Aachen, Germany.

Who is Steve Gill?

Gill has extensive experience in the automotive industry, as he previously worked as Director of Power Engineering at Ford of Europe, and he was a board member for Ford Technologies Ltd.

The new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) gained 19 years of experience at Ford and was responsible for leading strategic programs and delivering innovative technology into volume production for Ford and their partners, such as, Jaguar and Land Rover.

Additionally, Gill was in responsible for the development of conventional and electrified powertrains (or the ‘powertrain product’) at Ford and managed a team of roughly 2,000 engineers throughout the UK, Germany, and Turkey.

The technologies that resulted from this project include Ford’s first ‘Series Hybrid Powertrain’ for commercial vehicles, Ford’s first ‘Mild Hybrid Technology’ for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, and the 3-cylinder ‘EcoBoost’ engine, which is multi-award winning.

From 2019, Gill worked as an automotive consultant with various leading businesses, such as, AVL Powertrain, the world’s largest independent powertrain engineering consultancy, UK Automotive Council, and Britishvolt.

What does Gill intend to do at FHC?

Gill will be directing the development of FHC’s hydrogen fuel cell powered LCV’s. As well as this, the CEO will be developing and constructing the company’s two-man hydrogen fuel cell road legal demonstrators with AVL Powertrain UK and Ballard Power Systems.

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