GrainSense’s grain quality measurement device to launch in Greece

GrainSense have announced that they will be bringing their hand-held device for grain quality measurement to Greece and Cyprus.

GrainSense, a Finnish agritech start-up, which has developed the world’s first hand-held device for grain quality measurement, and Greek precision farming company Tractorgps, sign distribution agreement and bring the GrainSense hand-held measurement device on the Greek and Cypriot market.

The device is being introduced on the largest trade fair of the sector, Agrotica, gathering farmers from Greece, the Balkans, and Southeastern Europe, which will be organised from 30 January to 2 February 2020 at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre. Visitors are welcome for a demo on the TractorGps stand 08 in pavilion 09.

“I am really enthusiastic about this starting cooperation with Tractorgps. Tractorgps professionals have a very thorough understanding of the farmers every day complexity and introducing our device through their advisory team can really help farmers, both arable and livestock farmers”, says Edvard Krogius, Chief Commercial Officer of GrainSense.

“GrainSense is our brand new addition to our analytical tools and it is going to revolutionise the way we handle grain transactions.

“GrainSense came to cover the large gap of solutions for qualitative analysis that grain and livestock farmers need to make informed decisions, and Tractorgps is more than happy to provide it for the Greek and Cypriot market!” Aristodimos Zamidis, Tractorgps CEO.

How accessible is GrainSense?

GrainSense was introduced for international sales in summer 2018, and has now sold more than five hundred grain quality measurement devices, in more than 20 European countries.

“Wherever the GrainSense device and solution has been introduced, we have seen exceptionally strong interest in the device”, says Edvard Krogius.

“The feedback from customers is overwhelming and we have been very busy attending events, field days, and conferences in Europe presenting the device during the last two harvests,” Krogius continues.

GrainSense is the first grain quality measurement device that is affordable and field durable, designed specifically for farmers to use and own. The international end-user sales price is €3.900 (plus local tax), including the device, a carry bag, measuring spoons, a cap and 1-year warranty.

A personal user account is needed for the use of the device; €250/year (plus local tax), including up to 7 grain species depending on your country (wheat and barley globally; oats, rye, rapeseed, corn and soy in selected markets), updates and calibrations, data storage, and the possibility to share and export the measurement results.

New for harvest 2020 is the ability to measure corn and soy. GrainSense offers as well for this purpose a new portable Field Grinder which is designed for grinding without moisture loss for field measurements. A new bench-top battery cover to be connected to a basic A/C adapter that can be plugged-in for continuous intensive measurements is new as well for harvest 2020.

Farm level grain quality measurement practices

The GrainSense hand-held device measures the protein, moisture, oil, and carbohydrate content of cereals and other crops – i.e. key determinants of the harvest value and processing cost. The device is battery powered, the measurement time is just a few seconds, and it requires only a few grains and takes just seconds to make each measurement. The service includes a mobile application with GPS positioning and cloud connection, which supports a suite of value-added services for improving productivity and profitability.

The unique features of GrainSense are:

  • It is 5 times smaller than closest alternatives and battery-powered, and therefore convenient to use in field conditions.
  • It is at least 3 times less expensive than closest alternatives.
  • It takes just 30 seconds to make a measurement, including sample loading.
  • Portable Field Grinder now available for larger crops like corn and soy.
  • It is the only device that can be used before harvest for initial quality indication.
  • Anyone can use it without special training.
  • It will include the most comprehensive package of value-added software services providing actionable insights instead of plain data.
  • It has a potential payback time shorter than one harvesting season.

GrainSense is continuously looking for suitable distributors for the sales on the European and global market 2020 and beyond. Please contact company CCO for enquiries.

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