Hatteland Display’s new screen technology improves ship safety and efficiency

Leading maritime display and computer manufacturer Hatteland Display AS has cutting-edge technology to optimise bridge systems for tomorrow’s merchant ships.

It hardly needs pointing out that the waterways of the world are becoming increasingly congested. As a direct consequence of the exponential increase in ship traffic, the job of navigating and ensuring safe operations on merchant and passenger vessels is understandably developing into an ever-more complex and exacting process. Factor into this the certain prospect of routine amendments to port, harbour, seaway and operational regulations – while entirely new regulations are also being implemented – and it stands to reason that bridge systems must stay up to date in order to be optimised in terms of thorough functionality, user-friendliness and ergonomic efficiency, so ship crews and operators can navigate and manage their vessels as safely and effectively as possible.

To this end, Hatteland Display has established itself at the forefront of the market as a global provider of displays and computer products for maritime applications. Its well-founded reputation for durable, dependable quality, constant innovation, easy adaptability, economic lifecycle costs and a comprehensive service infrastructure has made the firm an indispensable technology source for bridge system manufacturers and system integrators looking to bring advanced bridge solutions into play. The company’s products are expressly designed to cope with the arduous conditions of the maritime environment, and all have been rigorously tested and type approved to comply with national and international standards and regulations.

In recent years, Hatteland Display has trained its focus on an increasingly data-centred technology base, primarily to address the requirements of ship owners who are keen to benefit from the potentially innumerable operational and financial advantages conferred by maritime digitalisation. Ultimately, Hatteland Display’s far-sighted technology ideology points firmly towards the smart ships of the future, with a key component of the company’s current portfolio, the feature-rich Series X 55 inch Multi Vision Display (MVD) range of products, proving as the foundation for maritime Integrated Bridge System (IBS) manufacturers and integrators to develop the bridge systems of the future.

Mounting options

55 inches is the largest format dedicated maritime display available; the sheer screen space available is transforming the very notion of integration in maritime with the possibility to take input from many diverse sensors and systems and present it for easy viewing and control on a single screen, which can be configured to fit any bridge.

While the Series X Tactical Table solution for collaborative command and control is designed to facilitate planning and supporting operations on naval vessels, a variety of mounting options are available which make the Series X 55” portfolio displays ideal for installation in sophisticated bridge systems on what will become the primary user of this technology, commercial vessels.

The first entry to the portfolio was the Series X 55” Ultra High Definition Chart & Planning Table. Suitable for a wide range of options and applications including ECDIS, ENC, radar and voyage planning systems, it was developed to maximise flexibility, offering a fresh approach to ergonomics and assisting navigators in enhancing operational safety procedures. A mechanical pod provides lift and tilt capability, providing flexibility for comfortable and ergonomic use regardless of the application. Additionally, the Series X MVD display is available in Floor Stand, Wall Mount and Console Mount iterations. All versions have been devised to allow rapid and simple integration in any existing or new IBS design.

As an example of the application flexibility of the Series X 55” portfolio and its ability to help technology companies to realise cutting-edge new concepts, six type approved Floor Stand models have been deployed as part of a custom Furuno Norway Monitor Steering (FNMS) system, installed by Furuno Norway on the large pelagic midwater trawler/purse seiner Gitte Henning, being built by Kleven Verft in Ulsteinvik, Norway.

The FNMS system is a new bridge concept designed to deliver high flexibility to meet the specific navigation and vessel operational needs of fishing vessel skippers. Based on the use of large maritime displays with multi-data input, it can be configured to fit any bridge or wheelhouse. In addition to the six Series X 55” Ultra High Definition floor stand maritime displays, Furuno Norway’s solution for the Gitte Henning uses six 26″ displays and 27 24″ models from Hatteland Display. This combination enables data output from 40 different sources to be displayed on multiple screens, all of which are positioned to be easily viewable form anywhere on the bridge.

Unparalleled clarity

Allied with the generous screen size, the high-definition 4K resolution on the 55” Series X MVD systems, proffering unparalleled clarity, brightness and contrast, means that onscreen text and graphics are sharply delineated, with the result that data can be read in all light conditions and from anywhere on the bridge. With the largest available screen space of any maritime display, the 55” models represent a positive breakthrough in enabling bridge system manufacturers and integrators to develop multi-data interfaces, permitting users to access the data they require from a variety of control systems and sensors, all on a single screen.

The sheer extent of available detail and the highly adaptable functionality signify the potential for a marked improvement in operational procedures, allowing navigators and skippers to carry out operations to a new standard of safety and efficiency. The touch screen operation deploys multi-touch technology, enabling 40 individual points of contact with the surface. With 4K resolution in a 55” display, touch screen tasks can be carried out with the utmost degree of precision and control, while optical bonding ensures that all Series X 55” MVD displays place a reassuring emphasis upon strength and safety.

Flexible inputs

The flexible inputs enable Series X 55” MVDs to accept data from any sensor or source, including navigation and automation systems (for crew members on board fishing vessels, the ability to receive data from trawl monitoring equipment and winches, as well as hydroacoustic instruments such as echo sounders and sonars, is of particular value.) Data and video feeds can be combined to provide a central point on the bridge for controlling and overseeing the navigation and manoeuvering of vessels, plus any number of essential operational tasks. The fully configurable touch screen allows signal sources to be assigned to any display, meaning that the interface can be adapted to accommodate all situations and practical requirements. Additionally, with ergonomics and user convenience in mind, an external remote-control panel can be mounted separately, for operation of the OSD (on-screen display) and other parameters.

Data-driven solutions

As the demands placed upon the merchant shipping sector become more numerous and onerous, the need for data-driven solutions is paramount. With Hatteland Display’s Series X 55” MVD displays installed in their bridge systems, crews and operators have the advantage of readily available and highly visible access to navigational data of crucial importance.

As an example, the information provided by sensor data analytics can improve crew safety by drastically reducing the likelihood of collision when carrying out ship manoeuvres. Furthermore, the capacity to clearly read and analyse data relating to weather conditions, vessel performance and potential route delays is an obvious aid to efficient voyage planning, leading to concurrent savings in time and operational expenses for merchant ship operators (similarly, lucid data regarding a ship’s position, cargo and crew could be accessed by port authorities, providing them with the opportunity to plan ahead and alleviate congestion while coordinating cargo handling procedures.)

As environmental legislation becomes more stringent, being able to monitor, verify and report fuel and emissions performance in real time is an imperative for merchant ship crews and operators. Coherently-presented, easy-to-read emissions data on the Series X 55” display will assist in setting KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and complying with tightened regulations as vessels are compelled to switch fuel in emission-controlled areas.

The capability to monitor engine data on the bridge at a glance, even from a distance, is also a key factor in being able to run merchant ships productively and profitably. Early warning of potential component degradation, for instance, can prevent outright failure of engine parts and help to implement sensible and manageable maintenance schedules. Meanwhile, having the ability to clearly supervise a series of data measurements, covering everything from engines (pumps, valves, fuel controls, pressure and temperature sensors, etc.) to cargo decks (firefighting systems, hydraulic valves and motors, etc.), speaks for itself as an aid to optimising vessel performance and safety.

This data is available on bridge systems already, but access and utility are enhanced when it becomes part of a much more ergonomic and digitalised bridge environment enabled by cutting-edge display technology.

Hatteland Display’s Series X 55” display range is already setting a benchmark for future-focused smart ship technology as an integral component of modern, advanced bridge systems. All-inclusive, relevant data – presented on one large, clear display that enables users to deploy one control centre on the bridge as opposed to dashing back and forth to different screens (with potential impact on safety) – is patently the way forward as a means of transforming operational efficiency at sea, while maximising vessel and fleet safety.

Lars Skjelbred-Eriksen
Vice President Sales & Marketing
Hatteland Display AS
+47 4814 2200

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