HyTerra Ltd finalising flow test of natural hydrogen exploration well

HyTerra Ltd is finalising the planning of the extended flow test of the Hoarty NE3 natural hydrogen exploration well.

HyTerra Ltd (ASX: HYT) and Natural Hydrogen Energy LLC (NH2E) are finalising the planning of the extended flow test at Project Geneva in Nebraska, US.

The flow test of the Hoarty NE3 natural hydrogen exploration well, which is scheduled to commence in February, will measure hydrogen production potential and key parameters of gas composition, pressure, and flow rate.

Now, service providers are preparing to mobilise the rig and supporting equipment to the well site. A company representative from HyTerra will be on location during the operation next month, and will provide further updates.

Hydrogen’s role in decarbonisation

With the global transformation to green energy taking shape, the global hydrogen market is quickly developing due to hydrogen’s potential role in delivering a decarbonised future. As the most common substance in the Universe, hydrogen as an energy carrier has major advantages for mobility applications. The element can be transported and exported, stored as a gas or liquid, and has a higher energy density than batteries when compressed.

The support for hydrogen has remained stable over the past year, but for demand to be met, production will need to dramatically increase. HyTerra aims to capitalise on hydrogen’s growing market by accelerating the development and production of natural hydrogen.

What is natural hydrogen?

Generated through naturally occurring processes in the subsurface, natural hydrogen is produced via drilling wells in likely regions. Previously, there has been no incentive to commercialise the production of this, despite the element being encountered by scientists for a number of years.

Now, with the hydrogen market gaining momentum, natural hydrogen has the potential to revolutionise the energy sector, having significant commercial advantages when compared with manufactured hydrogen.

About HyTerra

HyTerra is the first ASX company that aims to explore and produce natural hydrogen. The company’s Project Geneva, which is targeting the Hoarty NE3 well in Geneva city, Nebraska, is making progress.

So far, the well has been drilled, completed and swab tested, and an extended well test is being prepared. This test will help to define the extent, size, and gas composition of a recoverable resource.

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