Innovating hydrogen fuel technology with MAXIMATOR

MAXIMATOR discusses its innovative hydrogen fuel technology, including its solutions for hydrogen compression, dispense, and storage.

Hydrogen fuel can be produced through several methods. The most common methods include natural gas reforming, electrolysis, solar driven, and biological processes. A successful hydrogen infrastructure requires hydrogen to be delivered from where it is produced to the point of end-use.

Today, hydrogen is transported from the point of production to the point of use via pipelines, in cryogenic liquid tanker trucks, gaseous tube trailers, rail, or on barges.

Hydrogen is typically produced at relatively low pressures (20–30 bar) and must be compressed prior to transport. Most compressors used today for gaseous hydrogen compression are either positive displacement compressors or centrifugal compressors. A company, named MAXIMATOR, offers solutions in both hydrogen refilling and hydrogen compression with its innovative technologies.

MAXIMATOR GmbH is a leading supplier of high-pressure, testing, hydraulic and pneumatic systems. The company largely focuses on developing innovative solutions to the hydrogen industry and their air driven MAXIMATOR Boosters have been used in hydrogen applications for over 20 years.

To address MAXIMATOR’s growing hydrogen business, the company has established MAXIMATOR Gas Solutions, and Joint Venture between MAXIMATOR and TestNet GmbH. MAXIMATOR Gas Solutions is focused on developing storage assembly systems and obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals for these systems. The Joint Venture with TestNet is concentrated on life cycle testing for hydrogen storage systems.

The most energy efficient hydrogen compressors on the market

Since 2007, MAXIMATOR has focused on developing new technologies for hydrogen applications and the company has recently acquired the funding to develop the MAXIMATOR Advanced Technology department.

MAXIMATOR’s hydrogen refuelling stations are equipped with their self-designed two stage fluid driven hydrogen compressor, named MAX Compression. Using this technology, MAXIMATOR are able to run the hydrogen in several operation modes with several throughputs.

MAX Compression allows the operator to compress from low inlet pressures, which occur when hydrogen is produced by electrolysis, down to 20 bar with a throughput of 20 kg/h. The device also features a so-called booster mode, in which the compressor can compress hydrogen from 500 bar up to 1000 bar with throughputs of more than 100 kg/h.

The compressor is equipped with another unique feature, the automatic seal exchange (ASX). This allows the compressor to exchange the high pressure seal automatically when needed. With regular service and maintenance, MAXIMATOR’s compressors have the lowest downtime, which increase efficiency and lower costs.

MAXIMATOR’s new facility in Nordhausen

At their current facility, MAXIMATOR is facing space limitations as the demand for hydrogen refuelling stations increases each year. MAXIMATOR is in the process of constructing a new facility in Nordhausen, Germany. The company will run the new facility 24/7 to provide support and assemble up to 300 stations a year.

In this new facility, MAXIMATOR will have a production area of more than 3600 sqm to optimise the production of several modules of hydrogen refuelling stations, such as compressors, dispensers, storages, and final assembly.

MAXIMATOR’s goals for 2021 and beyond

MAXIMATOR’s first priority is enabling the scaling of hydrogen refuelling technology. In order to meet this goal, the company will construct 100 stations a year by 2025. MAXIMATOR is also in the process of developing a prototype for their new next generation of hydrogen compressor. This compressor will be scalable to throughputs of up to 10 tonnes a day. To maximise the adoption of hydrogen fuel, MAXIMATOR is creating fully operational mobile refuelling stations, as well as smaller stations.

With help from MAXIMATOR’s sister company FEST, the enterprise is offering solutions for the a PEM electrolyser hydrogen production technology. Following the announcement of the PEM electrolyser, MAXIMATOR is becoming a full system solution provider for hydrogen technology.


MAXIMATOR’s contribution to the field of high-pressure technology is crucial to the wider adoption of hydrogen fuel. With their components and systems, MAXIMATOR offers its customers innovative solutions in a wide range of sectors and applications. For more than 40 years, the company has revolutionised the field of hydrogen technology through its experience and expertise in the field of high-pressure technology.

MAXIMATOR employs more than 400 exceptional people who can guarantee the outstanding performance of the company’s products and services. MAXIMATOR’s employees are specialists in the field of high-pressure and testing technology, hydraulics, and pneumatics, and guarantee bespoke solutions in next to no time. When creating these bespoke products, MAXIMATOR uses innovative technologies that support its customers in their business fields with effective and environmentally friendly solutions.

The company plays an important role in the development of hydrogen infrastructure. MAXIMATOR develops, designs, and produces everything from components to complex systems. As well as high-pressure pumps, high-pressure compressors, valves, hydraulic units, and gas compressor stations, MAXIMATOR also creates autofrettage systems, impulse test stands, systems for gas and water injection, and hydrogen compressor systems.

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