International Lithium Association welcomes 12 new members since 2022

The International Lithium Association (ILiA), global representative of the lithium value chain, welcomes 12 new Associate Members since the start of 2022.

International Lithium Association (ILiA), the not-for-profit industry body representing the global lithium value chain, continues to expand rapidly and has welcomed an additional 12 new Associate Members since the start of the year.

ILiA is based in London, UK, and was formed in 2021 to bring together a growing community of leading lithium producers, processors and manufacturers during a time of unprecedented market growth driven by an expansion of electric vehicle production and green energy capture.

The demand for lithium is forecast to increase by almost six times in the period to 2040 according to natural resource analyst Wood Mackenzie. This means mining expansion and an explosion in innovation requiring guidance, sustainability expertise and advocacy will occur.

“It will require a vast quantity of lithium and other materials to make the batteries of electric vehicles and energy storage systems,” said Roland Chavasse, Secretary General of ILiA. “While coal powered the 19th  century, and oil and gas dominated energy in the 20th, the 21st century is rapidly becoming ‘the lithium century’. ILiA’s mission is to ensure that high quality lithium continues to be produced sustainably and responsibly.”

ILiA: Welcoming news Associate Members

The newly welcomed members come to include representatives from new lithium mining projects (Sigma Lithium), lithium refiners (Chengxin Lithium Group), battery materials companies (Umicore) and expert commodity consultancies (Wood Mackenzie).

ILiA Founding Chairman, Anand Sheth, explained: “ILiA is delighted to welcome these new Associate Members and together we will be the voice of the lithium industry. ILiA represents the entire lithium value chain at a dynamic time in its development. The Association’s growth clearly demonstrates the desire for lithium stakeholders to work together to achieve the full potential of the lithium century.”

The twelve new Associate Members are:

A leading global manufacturer and solution partner of chemical coating materials innovating in ceramics, glass and enamel;

A major lithium conglomerate focussed on producing high-purity lithium materials for the EV batteries. It recently opened a new base in Chengdu, Sichuan Province;

A direct lithium extraction (DLE) technology innovator based in Alberta, Canada. The company has produced its first lithium battery and has exploration projects in North America;

A world leading news and market analytics service based in London, UK, and specialising in metals, mining and energy transition;

An ASX-listed company building towards the pre-eminent vertically integrated lithium business in Ontario, Canada;

  • Manikaran Lithium PVT Ltd:

Which is developing a lithium refinery in India. By 2024-25 the company expects to produce high quality battery-grade lithium hydroxide;

A long-established global supplier of calcium-based products and services, operates one of the richest limestone reserves in the world in the US State of Missouri;

Which is developing its wholly-owned Grota do Cirilo Project in Brazil, one of the largest and highest purity hard-rock lithium projects in the world;

Which has a long history of providing sourcing and marketing solutions for the global mining and minerals industries;

A leading circular advanced materials technology company which offers sustainable solutions to accelerate global mobility transformation;

A global research and consultancy business which provides high quality data, analytics and insights across the natural resources space to transform the way we power our planet; and

Is a subsidiary of a global Fortune 500 company and is actively involved in supplying lithium to the battery value chain.

More about the ILiA

ILiA was launched in September 2021 to support the lithium industry during a time of unprecedented market growth, which is driven by demand for electric vehicle (EV) batteries. ILiA’s six founding Core Members are SQM, Albemarle, Ganfeng Lithium Co., AMG Brazil, Allkem and Pilbara Minerals. Together they produce approximately 75% of global lithium supply.

Membership of ILiA is open to the entire lithium supply chain, from producers and processors to OEMs and recyclers and more.

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