Making significant progress towards a safer digital future

A novel Technology Access Programme will deliver UK technology companies with training and opportunities to block cyber vulnerabilities, and lead to a safer digital future.

This innovative programme will utilise the Digital Security by Design (DSbD) technologies prototyped in the Arm Morello board.

Digital Catapult has received £2m funding to deliver the UK technology community a succession of events, workshops, and cohorts of companies’ hands-on experience of the novel technologies.

The programme will enable companies to access the wider community of technology stakeholders, enhancing their comprehension of DSbD technologies and how these can be advantageous to their company as well as their consumers.

Addressing computer vulnerability

For the last few decades, computers have been exposed to cyber security threats, with new software generally resulting in further vulnerabilities, while not addressing the fundamental problems.

The £70m DSbD programme has been introduced to facilitate industry experts in their task of fixing these difficulties and establishing a transformative shift in cyber security and a safer digital future.

On top of revealing the Technology Access Programme, the DSbD challenge has also launched the Software Ecosystem Development competition.

Software Ecosystem Development

The DSbD software ecosystem has been shaped across all manufacturing and academic communities that play a role in securing computer systems.

It has a key part to play in the success of this step-change technology in order for it to be implemented and become widespread in commercial software and open-software communities.

The competition’s objective is to enlarge the DSbD software ecosystem by backing projects across industry and academia.

The projects will provide assistance to engineers and developers with:

  • The required components to transition into the step-change technology
  • The new way of implementing security by design in future products and services.

A post-pandemic safer digital future

Minister of State at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Julia Lopez, said: “The need for cutting-edge, secure technology has never been greater and this significant development will help keep people and businesses secure online so we can build back safer from the pandemic.

“This government is working tirelessly to help our world-leading cyber sector defend our digital economy and help tackle the ever-evolving cyber security challenge.”

Transforming the digital world

John Goodacre, Challenge Director for DSbD, added: “There is a continuous escalation in cyber-crime and the cyber-security response.

“DSbD aims to stimulate a fundamental change in technology so that the digital world can be secure by design with data protected by default.

“I’m pleased to support the DSbD Technology Access Programme to give businesses the opportunity to understand how their products and services can benefit, blocking vulnerabilities so that their operations and customers can be better protected against the growing costs and harm of a cyber-attack.”

Advancing technologies

Jeremy Silver, CEO, Digital Catapult, concluded: “After a year of working to understand the needs of the market and the opportunity of embedded security ‘by design’ in the development of more advanced digital technologies, it’s great to see this project launch into a new phase.

“This national programme will enable innovators to lead on solutions that are developed with digital security at the front of mind from the start.

“There are interesting challenges in getting this approach to security right, and we hope that this program will help address and overcome them.”

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