Maritime bridge tech leaders launch new innovations

Hatteland Display AS are one of the market leaders in maritime bridge displays. They released their new and improved technology at SMM Hamburg 2018.

As ship traffic increases, European waters are becoming ever more congested. Having the ability to safely navigate merchant and passenger vessels through the sea is at the top of the agenda in the maritime industry. It is also important to consider that regulations for the port, harbour and seaways are constantly changing and new regulations are being implemented across the industry. With this in mind, it is essential that vessels have the most up to date and top of the range maritime bridge systems in order to meet regulations, whilst being user-friendly and efficient; making ship navigation and operation as simplistic and as safe as possible.

Hatteland Display – success in innovation

Hatteland Display is an established company renowned for the ruggedness and reliability of its maritime bridge display systems. The depth of their portfolio sets the company apart from anybody else in the market: providing high quality displays ranging from 8-55 inch screens and offering a huge number of variants on their different models. The entire portfolio is sourced from industrial/embedded component suppliers, ensuring Hatteland deliver on the quality of their products and safe-guarding long-term supply to their customers.

Hatteland Display products are part of a system which makes the ship safer and more efficient. They offer technical solutions which can implement better planning and are at the forefront when it comes to new type-approved technology/solutions for the maritime industry. When a marine technology developer uses Hatteland Display products, they and their customers can rest assured that their technology supplier delivers products that are tested and approved for the environment they will be used in and can ensure safety on their vessels.

Optical bonding technology

Hatteland are well-known for their innovative developments in the industry and have been at the forefront of optical bonding technology; negating the issues of screen misting due to varying environmental conditions at sea. Most maritime bridge display systems are covered with glass and therefore the reflection of light hitting off the display can cause low-visibility in direct sunlight. Hatteland have developed an innovative solution to this issue: the optical bonding solution.

The solution to internal and external light reflections and its limitations on human vision is to remove all of the reflective index interfaces between the display polariser and the display glass cover. This is achieved by optical technology with the use of a silicone based optical material which bonds to the glass and polariser surfaces, displacing and eliminating the air. The elimination of the air gap can also eliminate the possibility of any particle contamination, condensation, fogging and salt crystals that can form in the product.  The end result of optical bonding is that external light is optically directed, polarised and utilised in order to enhance colour brightness of the maritime bridge display, thus maintaining high contrast ratio levels.

ECDIS – colour calibration technology

Hatteland Display’s in house ECDIS calibration provides type-approved displays that show navigational charts correctly and in line with the International Maritime Organisation’s new requirements. Their colour calibration technology gives a guarantee that all colours on the display are to be within the limits defined by ECDIS standards. All displays and ECDIS systems must meet IEC61174 and IEC62288 requirements and all integrators should assure quality of delivered products as integral components of their system. Proof of compliance for mass produced devices should be as essential for those used in type approval processes. Hatteland’s colour calibration method can allow system integrators to relax and provides peace of mind that they have everything under control and all units meet ECDIS requirements.

Maritime bridge display screens: the bigger the better

Hatteland have developed some of the largest and most detailed bridge displays on the market and as with all of their products, their large format screens are designed to meet maritime standards. Using larger display screens provides the system integrator with the ability to make less cluttered bridge systems and innovate more ergonomic designs with a more central focus, enabling easier and safer navigation. For end-users, a large screen can deliver data from diverse equipment on board to one location. Essentially, it enables the collection of more data and helps the user gain more control as everything they need is right in front of them rather than spread out across the entire bridge. To achieve this and ensure safe and efficient operations, large format screens have to be 4K.

With a 4K screen, it is possible to have different systems running at the same time whilst ensuring pixel perfect clarity so the user does not miss anything. When navigating a ship, even a simple mistake or mis-reading could be dangerous, therefore delivering the sharpest picture that is easily visible in all light conditions is a vital element of the displays that Hatteland provide. In this context, the human machine interface has to be easy and reliable. The large format display can use an advanced, highly responsive multi-touch solution which provides for safe operation by a single user, and even multiple users at the same time. The larger screens provide a positive cost of ownership advantage in the technological progress, whereby fewer but higher performance screens can reduce the overall cost of a system.

For the maritime bridge system installer, using fewer screens means that there will be less cabling and connecting sources, such as radar, chart systems or sonars. While Hatteland Display products are designed for diverse installation scenarios, they are also able to deliver customised solutions that meet very specific needs.

Hatteland launch a new 4K display at SMM Hamburg

SMM Hamburg is the leading international maritime trade fair and took place during the first week of September 2018. Hatteland presented their new 43 inch 4K display at the fair and received a lot of positive attention on the new size and design. The new display is part of the ever growing 4K family and provides more flexibility for customers to design bridge systems of the future. Hatteland unveiled the new touch screen functionality with active stylus and objective recognition during SMM, Hamburg. This technology is expected to be very popular moving forward and will be available for all displays in the multi vision display (MVD) 4K series.

Hatteland have more new products and technologies under development which will be launched at Nor-Shipping 2019 in Oslo.

Lars Skjelbred-Eriksen

Vice President Sales & Marketing

Hatteland Display AS

+47 4814 2200

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