A mobile decision facilitator for oncology treatment

Christophe Vergne and Jean-Alexandre Kaminisky had known each other for a decade, working as competitors for many years, but it was time, they thought, to join forces whilst still striving for better performance.

Thus, they created MYPL. What brought them together was the continuous desire to improve healthcare and pursue the never-ending quest for new qualitative standards, for the benefit of both patients and healthcare staff in a particularly demanding speciality: oncology.

With the development of new technologies and the growing maturity of blockchain protocols, public acceptance of AI, an improved approach is now possible in order to allow for secured/traceable access to validated medical records, in a newly designed architecture. MYPL precisely provides this new framework, to accompany medical professionals and their patients suffering from cancer, from screening to the definite cure.

Why is MYPL so unique?

Our main focus has been to design a solution that provides a powerful tool to medical professionals, accompanying them in their day-to-day choices for relevant diagnostics and treatment (given all the available information), in an efficient, mobile and secure environment. MYPL strives to develop a unique architecture, based on interoperability features, to ensure it reaches all data sources and qualifies all pertinent clinical data to reconstruct a full patient profile.

Because there are multiple origins to the data, with numerous exchange flow protocols, and as many IT infrastructures as there are hospitals, MYPL must therefore deliver a stable promise to all the medical actors in accessing this validated data. This first target is reached based on the use of the market’s best built-in solution.

Because medical professionals gain access only to qualified information (clinical, wellness, observance, etc.), they can, with the help of MYPL, address their priorities and go through patient files in a way never before possible, in less time and based on information that is easy to gain access to, and in a unique user experience interface specifically designed for each medical professional speciality.

Our proprietary AI matches old profiles to those observed in order to give insights into past decisions from across all other equipped healthcare structures, in a perfectly anonymous way. In a sense, MYPL allows medical professionals to share their expertise between themselves.

At MYPL, our vision is a future with equal care for each individual. Giving the best and same chances for each, all their lives. We seek to play an active role in enhancing a ‘smarter’ medical community and patient involvement, for the right and on-time diagnostic, and a personalised treatment.

Special Report Contact Details
Author: Christophe Vergne | Jean-Alexandre Kaminisky
Organisation: MYPL
Telephone: +33 6 45 46 06 69 | +33 77 00 11 438
Email: ja.kaminisky@mypl.io
Website: Visit Website

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Special Report Contact Details


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