New collaboration to facilitate new developments in sensing technologies

A collaboration between the University of Birmingham, BAE Systems, BT, and BP is aiming to bring forth new developments in sensing technologies.

The collaboration will be driven by the Government-funded and University of Birmingham-led UK Quantum Technology Hub Sensors and Timing, part of the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme. The group, which involves three of the largest corporations on the FTSE100, plans to establish a comprehensive technology ‘road map’ for future developments in sensing technologies.

According to the University of Birmingham, it is estimated that a critical failure of sensor technology in the UK would cause the economy to lose £5.2bn in the first five days alone.

Richard Debney, Vice President Data Science at BP, said: “Our work has always relied on the most advanced sensors and data processing available. Sensor innovation will be important to help us achieve net-zero by 2050 and pivot to an integrated energy company focused on delivering solutions for customers.”

The need for new developments sensors, which make devices safe, workable, and accurate, has become apparent as world economies move closer to turning quantum technologies into products. Existing sensor technology risks becoming outdated and outpaced by the accelerating speed of technological developments, mainly driven by the coming quantum revolution.

Professor Kai Bongs, a Director of Innovation at the University of Birmingham and Principal Investigator of the UK Quantum Technology Hub Sensors and Timing, said: “This venture is a call to overcome sectoral boundaries and join forces to address challenges, such as well-being in an ageing society; fast broadband for everyone; productivity in infrastructure; resilient navigation; security of autonomous transport, and reduced carbon emissions.

“Working together, this extraordinary and powerful partnership will produce the creativity and innovation that is crucial to the development of new sensors. These will be integral to resolving major economic and societal challenges and opportunities ahead.”

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