Novel electric vehicle tariff will cut EV charging costs by 70%

Following a successful trial earlier this year, OVO Energy is launching a unique economical electric vehicle tariff for EV drivers.

This electric vehicle tariff is a revised version of its groundbreaking ‘OVO Drive + Anytime’ tariff; it provides consumers with complete flexibility with a guaranteed, ultra-low rate of only 5p/kWh regardless of the time of day they plug-in.

Saving money with Drive + Anytime tariff

The new electric vehicle tariff is the first green energy plan in the UK that offers consumers separate rates for cars and the home. By separating the EV charging costs from home electricity charges, consumers will be credited back for electricity saved through EV smart charging every month.

With the roll-out of this novel tariff, users will be able to drive electric vehicles for as little as £100 a year.

Smart software

This ultra-low rate has been made possible due to Kaluza’s industry-leading energy platform and smart charging innovation. Electric vehicle owners can utilise this intelligent software using a mobile app to indicate when they need their car charged by. Through the application of AI algorithms, Kaluza can automatically charge the users car during times of low energy demand, when emissions and prices are lower.

The flat-rate tariff is different from market alternatives where consumers end up paying massively higher prices when charging in the middle of the day and are subjected to progressively recurrent energy price spikes as operators bring more renewable power onto the system and balance increasing demand.

OVO Energy’s innovative electric vehicle tariff means that members are offered a hassle-free charging experience that fits around their lives and rewards them for contributing to a more decarbonised energy system.

 Towards a zero-carbon future

This novel green tariff comes as part of OVO’s net-zero mission, making sustainable and greener living a cost-effective and hassle-free option. This pioneering strategy will facilitate the transition to a zero-carbon future.

Chris Russell, Managing Director of OVO Drive at OVO Energy, explained: “Our OVO Drive + Anytime trial in January was a real success and we’re thrilled to be rolling out this pioneering new plan nationwide. To be able to offer our EV-driving customers an affordable and hassle-free way of joining us in our mission to achieve a carbon zero future is amazing. We want to encourage the use of electric vehicles as a carbon-conscious lifestyle choice, and it should be easy and accessible – with the help of Kaluza’s cutting edge technology, our new Drive + Anytime plan embodies that vision perfectly.”

Autumn Pray, Chief Product Officer at Kaluza, added: “For the world to step up its response to the climate emergency and drastically cut emissions from energy, we need to take advantage of the latest smart technologies at our fingertips. The OVO Drive Anytime tariff is a prime example of how we can make it easy for individual customers to become the driving force of the energy transition – by rewarding people for trusting in the technology that is enabling a more resilient, greener energy system. It is exciting to be working with OVO on such a pioneering offering that creates a win-win for both drivers and the planet.”

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