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    ADE: Forging connections to overcome global environmental challenges

    American Diversified Enterprises (ADE) facilitates the connection between governments with serious mandates and innovators who have groundbreaking solutions to environmental challenges.

    Through the union between governments and innovators, it is possible to accelerate planet-saving technological advancements that bridge the renewable energy, renewable chemicals, bio-based and hydrobased products, clean fuels, agriculture, and sustainable materials sectors. ADE aims to aid innovation to solve environmental challenges for stakeholders, ultimately working for a sustainable future on projects worldwide.

    ADE’s work in solving environmental challenges

    Climate change is already visibly affecting the world, and this is set to worsen, with more frequent storms, intense periods of drought, wildfires, heatwaves, and rising sea levels. It is widely agreed that these global environmental challenges must be curbed in order for humans and wild animals to survive. To ensure that urgent and wide-scale action occurs, it is crucial that governments are able to connect with innovators to be able to share best practices across borders.

    With funding opening up to meet urgent global environmental challenges, American Diversified Enterprises helps businesses to secure project support for the earliest stages of development up through implementation, deployment, and operation. It has expertise in project development and design, application preparation, project financing, partnership forging, and project execution. Over the past 20 years, ADE has enabled more than 250 client firms to secure more than $5bn in project support to develop and operate projects that advance government objectives, provide socio-economic benefits for communities, and solve major environmental challenges.

    ADE’s primary focus is on helping companies secure funds to develop novel revolutionary technologies that can expand the market penetration of renewable energy, renewable chemical, biobased product, and alternative fuel technologies.

    Services provided by ADE’s subject matter experts and partner services with technology leaders

    • Engineering and design;
    • Planning of independent risk analysis, feasibility, technical and environmental analysis, and engineering reports;
    • Support with permitting and environmental compliance;
    • Guidance in procurement and construction;
    • Feedstock characterisation and supply;
    • Completion of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission and life cycle analyses;
    • Securing performance guarantees, insurance wraps, bond offerings, and accessing multiple financial vehicles; and
    • Legal advice and assistance.

    Strategic aid is also provided by ADE, including consultancy, project proposal preparation, project financing assistance, independent third-party research, due diligence, and legal and regulatory review.

    American Diversified Enterprises connects innovators and officials to facilitate the deployment of projects to urgently address the world’s environmental challenges.

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