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    Reflex Advanced Materials: Advancing the US critical minerals supply chain

    Reflex Advanced Materials Corp (CSE:RFLX, OTCQB:RFLXF) is transforming the US critical minerals supply chain by optimising domestic speciality mineral infrastructure efficiencies to meet the rising demand of North American manufacturers.

    Reflex is focused on the extraction and processing of critical minerals for the North American hi-tech marketplace. The growing importance of natural flake graphite and the increasing demand for high-purity, advanced materials have positioned Reflex to become an integral part of the US critical minerals supply chain for many years to come.

    Establishing a world-leading critical minerals supply chain in the US

    The graphite industry has been dominated by China for the last 60 years. The Chinese strictly control production and implement high tariffs on their dwindling supply. Since there is no commercial production of natural graphite in North America, the domestic industry has relied solely on China for access and sourcing of this critical mineral.

    With increasing pressure on critical supply chains, the US Government signed a new Executive Order (EO) aimed at strengthening US critical minerals supply chains. The EO identifies graphite as a critical mineral that will be crucial in the manufacturing and production of chemistries for energy storage systems and the electric vehicle (EV) battery market.

    The Reflex plan is robust in nature — to build out a vertically-integrated US-based supply chain capable of delivering battery-grade, high-purity CSPG, which will support critical supply chains and help the United States and its allies make up lost ground in the global battery arms race.

    The company plans to develop direct relationships between critical mineral producers, processors, and end-use manufacturers by pioneering streamlined supply chain access and the implementation of mineral properties focused on strategic metals and advanced materials.

    Reflex’s projects

    The company’s Ruby Graphite Project, located in Beaverhead County, Montana, is currently being advanced by Reflex to obtain vein graphite that will be crucial for meeting electrification targets. With control of this past-producing graphite mine, coupled with strong management and partnerships, Reflex will leverage its graphite supply and proximity to burgeoning markets to create value for its customers and its investors.

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