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    A.I.S. Resources: Lithium mining projects to fill the battery supply gap

    A.I.S. Resources’ lithium mining projects will help electrify the world’s ever-growing fleet of electric vehicles.

    A.I.S. Resources Limited is a publicly traded investment issuer listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (AIS:TSX-V, AISSF:OTCQB, FRA-5YHA). The company focuses on lithium mining, battery metals, and gold exploration. AIS’ value added strategy is to acquire prospective exploration projects and enhance their value by better defining the mineral resource, with a view to attracting joint venture partners and enhancing the value of our portfolio.

    The company is managed by a team of experienced geologists and investment bankers, with a track-record of successful capital markets achievements.

    Lithium is the most important resource in the challenge to electrify global power sources. South America’s Lithium Triangle is key to solving this problem, as its salt flats contain roughly half the world’s known lithium deposits. Of the three countries in the Triangle, Argentina is uniquely positioned to provide favourable results for both mining firms, investors, and local communities. The country takes a liberal approach to lithium mining when environmental regulations are followed.

    Global instability is increasing, from Russia shutting off Europe’s gas supply, rising environmental threats, and an increasingly unstable Chinese economy. A steady flow of sustainable energy is needed to overcome these challenges.

    AIS Resources’ six lithium mining properties are positioned to help supply the world’s lithium needs and pave the way toward a brighter future.

    Lithium brine projects

    Candela II Project, Incahuasi Salar

    A.I.S. Resources owns a 20% equity interest in this 300 hectare mineral claim. Up to eight exploration and production wells are set to start drilling in 2023. The 80% holder may purchase the remaining 20% interest for $6m, plus $250,000 for every five metric tonnes of lithium the project’s NI43-101 resource estimate exceeds 45,000MT.

    Pocitos 1 & 2 Projects, Pocitos Salar

    These two licenses are 800 hectares and 532 hectares in size, respectively. AIS has granted an option to acquire Pocitos 1 for $1m, and Pocitos 2 for $732,000 by June 2023. AIS will retain a 7.5% royalty on lithium carbonate sales on both properties. AIS and its Optionee have spent $1.5m exploring the properties.

    Pocitos 7 & 9 Projects, Pocitos Salar

    Pocitos 7 & 9 are 800 and 600 hectares, respectively. They are currently optioned for total potential option fees of $430,000 for a nine month option ending in June 2023. The optionee may pay a total of $2.38m by 30 June 2023 to acquire 80% of the two properties. AIS will retain a 20% interest, which the optionee may purchase by paying a percentage of the estimated value of the resource on the property.

    Yareta III Project, Cauchari Salar

    AIS is currently reviewing expressions of interest for lithium mining on this property, which is 1,525 hectares.

    Our commitment to investors and the environment

    All AIS projects source lithium using Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) which reduces the environmental footprint of lithium brine mining.

    This method ensures that groundwater is left undisturbed, as are the lives of local Indigenous peoples. The entire purpose of the lithium revolution is to produce more efficient battery technology that simultaneously reduces the carbon footprint of the global industry. Our vision aligns with this purpose.


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