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    American Diversified Enterprises: Nurturing innovation with project support

    American Diversified Enterprises (ADE) provides project support through its application preparation, project financing, third-party study, and due diligence services.

    American Diversified Enterprises (ADE), a US consulting firm, has extensive expertise in helping companies nurture innovation, overcome obstacles, and advance projects through ADE’s application preparation, project support and financing, third-party study, and due diligence services.

    ADE has long standing experience in dealing with the government agencies that offer grants and loan guarantees, connecting project developers with these agencies. This provides a significant advantage to firms seeking to win contracts, secure grants, and loans, qualify for bond financing, and attract investors to deploy game-changing projects.

    For over 20 years, American Diversified Enterprises (ADE) has enabled more than 250 client firms – from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies – to secure more than USD $5bn in project support to develop, mobilise, construct, implement, and operate projects that create jobs, bring economic development to local communities, generate tax revenues for local governments, expand the stewardship of natural resources, and mitigate climate change.

    ADE focuses on assisting companies to develop and deploy new, game-changing technologies and expand the market penetration of renewable energy, renewable chemical, biobased product, and alternative fuel technologies. It does this by:

    • Finding funding opportunities to secure government grants and loan guarantees;
    • Creating, improving on, and preparing each element of a successful financial presentation: producing attention-getting business plans, annual reports, investor presentations, and responses to RFPs and bids;
    • Conducting market analyses, feasibility studies, energy audits, due diligence, and technical, environmental, and risk assessments;
    • Providing technical, financial, engineering, project planning, editorial, and graphic design assistance in pursuing innovative technology development and commercialisation; and
    • Providing advice and guidance on pursuing and carrying out government relations and advocacy efforts.

    ADE’s clients have a superb track record of accomplishment and growth, guided each step of the way by close teamwork with ADE’s team members and proprietary processes for proposal development.

    Services to technology innovators

    ADE has been directly involved in the creation of federal programme financing legislation and the renewal of their annual appropriations, thus understands the objectives, needs, and preferences of the agencies and their programme staff. With this perspective, ADE has built a track record of providing project support and advancing and overseeing successful proposal processes for each of its client engagements.

    ADE’s strategic aid includes the following services

    Consultancy: ADE’s expertise and capacity enable its clients to identify and pursue opportunities to obtain US federal funding through grants, loan guarantees, and other forms of financing for new, first-of-their-kind technologies, materials, and production methods, beginning with their initial concepts at Technology Readiness Level 1 (TRL-1) up through each development step to enable successful commercialisation and deployment (TRL-9).

    ADE does this as a holding company, under which several companies specialising in different disciplines operate, and through a rigorous and proprietary process of proven methods to lead innovators from initial proposal-framing through final bids, Requests for Proposals (RFPs), application, and loan request submissions.

    Project proposal preparation: ADE’s team members are subject matter experts in multiple disciplines, including engineers; construction managers; operations managers; permitting specialists; environmental, project financing, and transaction attorneys; business case and market analysts; writers, editors, copy editors, and graphic designers; financial specialists who can review, improve, create, and perform due diligence on financial models and presentations; government affairs managers; and project managers to lead company teams in preparing grant applications, project proposals and financing documentation, bids, and business publications.

    Project financing assistance aids clients in:

    • Preparing clear, compelling, easy-to-read, and easy-to-follow project financing documentation;
    • Working with investors, lenders, and venture capital and equity firms; and
    • Securing financing through a unique, low-interest source of financing for first-of-a-kind projects and technologies that includes financing for final development and pre-construction (including front-end engineering and design, permitting, deposits for equipment purchases, securing offtakes, etc.), often the most difficult money to find.

    Independent third-party research

    ADE’s subsidiary, 3rd Party Studies, LLC, prepares:

    • Independent, third-party reports;
    • Feasibility studies;
    • Energy audits;
    • Environmental and technical evaluations; and
    • Risk assessments.

    Due diligence

    ADE’s Due Diligence & Analysis company provides:

    • Financial verification and evaluation and calculation of the risk of lending to a particular borrower;
    • Technical, financial, project planning, and construction due diligence (investigations, certifications, audits, and reviews that are performed to confirm that all material facts and details of a matter under consideration are accurate, complete, and clearly presented); and
    • Project development analysis (reviews and audits to verify the data, conclusions, and successful completion of each Technology Readiness Level during the testing, validation, scaleup, and readiness for commercialisation of new technologies, processes, and materials).

    Legal and regulatory review: Through its close affiliation with Mark Reidy, a global energy and project finance team founder and leader at Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton – the world’s number one construction and trademark law firm, and the number one patent law firm in the US for ten years running – ADE can provide project support and expert counsel throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

    Advocacy: ADE and Reidy co-founded the advocacy organisation, the Alternative Fuels & Chemicals Coalition (AFCC) in 2019, to lobby on behalf of existing federal programmes and their annual funding, as well as to advocate for federal policies and legislation that support the projects and initiatives contributing to sustainability and advancing the bioeconomy.

    AFCC is now the second largest bioeconomy advocacy group in Washington, DC, with over 150 member companies that employ more than 600,000 people and generate in excess of USD $350bn per year in revenues.

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